CybageAsha was founded in October 2003 to fulfill Cybage’s moral responsibility towards society. Through its Rural Upliftment, Community Development, and Social Welfare verticals, CybageAsha meticulously conceptualizes, plans, and executes various drives in and around Pune, with the exclusive involvement of dedicated CSR Team members and the support of Cybagians who volunteer for several noble causes.

Ritu Nathani, Director–Cybage and Managing Trustee–CybageAsha, guides the dedicated teams in their collective mission to transform the lives of the underprivileged. The Trust also collaborates with several NGOs and social service organizations to continually expand its beneficiary base.

Here is a broad range of activities conducted by CybageAsha under its various verticals:


Rural Upliftment

The rural-urban divide has always been the stumbling block on our country’s road to development. CybageAsha understands that rural development is thus of strategic importance for national growth. Hence, the development of villages gets the prime focus in CybageAsha’s activities.

The Rural Development program is executed to improve the quality of rural life by developing the infrastructure of villages; making them self-reliant; highlighting the importance of general cleanliness and community health; and bringing about their socio-economic transformation through the participation of their residents.

To execute this program, CybageAsha identifies a village that needs support and chalks out a high-level development plan in consultation with the village panchayat. Socio-economic assessment surveys are conducted with the active participation of the villagers before the development plan is executed. CybageAsha has developed role-model villages such as Karnavadi and Yewali for other NGOs and village panchayats to emulate. The activities conducted under Rural Development in beneficiary villages include:

  • Conducting de-silting activities at local water bodies and helping residents implement rainwater harvesting in rain shadow areas
  • Constructing toilets and underground drainage systems
  • Constructing new water tanks and repairing the existing ones to enhance the supply of potable water
  • Upgrading the infrastructure of rural schools and providing facilities such as benches, water purifiers, and computers
  • Conducting health check-up camps
  • Conducting cleanliness drives and helping villagers implement waste management
  • Organizing health awareness sessions for women and senior citizens, and promoting development schemes pertaining to agriculture
  • Construction of Internal Roads
  • Conducting skill and income generation activities like-Jam, Pickle and Sauce-making
  • Conducting training regarding income generation and food processing skills
  • Carrying out Tree Plantation drives across villages
  • Constructing Toilets and Drainage Systems

Apart from the aforementioned activities, CybageAsha partners with the BAIF Institute for Sustainable Livelihoods and Development to help villages become self-reliant. This sustainable livelihood development focuses on:

  • Enabling overall agricultural development
  • Introducing new techniques in agriculture
  • Enabling livestock development
  • Imparting new skills to women and youngsters

Community Development

Under this vertical, CybageAsha focuses on improving the livelihood of people from the lower economic strata of the society by adopting their communities to bring about change. We are working towards a social vision of democracy where every citizen is not only individually capable, but who also understands equity, diversity, justice, and is thus driven by social sensitivity.

The trust is working in various communities such as Ambedkar Nagar, Khulewadi, Sanjay Park, Ramwadi and Bhimnagar in Pune. CybageAsha has organized various programs that have led to the holistic development of the residents in these communities.

Some of the activities conducted under this vertical are:

  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Health camps such as blood test, eye checkup, dental checkup and general health counseling
  • Programs to promote women empowerment and capacity building for Self-Help Groups
  • Digital Literacy Bus Program
  • Skill Development Program

Social Welfare

CybageAsha is committed to help the underprivileged—orphans, destitute women, and senior citizens—claim their rightful place in society. In order to achieve this, CybageAsha’s Social Welfare vertical is designed to provide a platform to Cybagians to give back to society. We partner with other social welfare organizations to conduct various programs and grants funds to them to further facilitate the betterment of the disadvantaged.

CybageAsha understands that we have only one Earth, and we need to protect it. While problems such as environmental pollution and global warming threaten human existence, CybageAsha, strives to offer a cleaner and greener environment. The Cybage infrastructure reflects the management’s commitment to Go-Green. Sustainable environmental practices have been adopted for water and energy conservation, and promotion of greenery on the Cybage campus. To promote the Green cause across the organization, Cybagians are given opportunities to adopt saplings on every World Environment Day. Carpooling and the use of bicycles are also encouraged. The Social Welfare vertical and Go-Green activities include the following:

  • Organizing recreational activities at orphanages and old age homes
  • Donating special hardware to schools for the visually impaired
  • Organizing drives such as blood donation, clothes donation, grains donation, and toys donation
  • Donating funds to NGOs, hospitals, and the poor during medical emergencies
  • Distributing bicycles among construction workers and Cybage support staff during festivals
  • Volunteer engagement in various activities such as teaching in low-income private schools and visits to NGOs for need assessment
  • Conducting tree plantation drives
  • Celebrating World Environment Day and other days associated with the cause
  • Promoting the use of eco-friendly and recycled products
  • Forming eco clubs in schools in the vicinity and conducting workshops or sessions to create awareness about environment issues
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