We continually strive for every Cybagian to achieve a harmonious work-life balance by nurturing an environment of inclusivity, transparency, and exciting career growth opportunities. Rest assured, you are in for a thrilling joyride, seasoned with fun events, games, wellness sessions, and much more.

Bringing Life to work


The well-being of every Cybagian is of utmost importance. To facilitate this, we organize regular medical checkups, fitness-cum-wellness workshops, sporting events, and diet sessions. The ‘Annual Bash’ is an evening of fun and frolic that showcases in-house talent and concludes with a showstopper event by a popular and trending national entertainer.

Inclusion and diversity


Our inclusive culture is committed towards gender equality and individuals who are differently abled. The recognition received by NASSCOM for ‘Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion,’ and People Matters for the ‘Best in Employer Branding,’ bears testimony that we prioritize talent and abilities over gender, creed or persons with disabilities.

Staying Ahead


We conduct regular trainings and counselling sessions to empower the holistic growth of every Cybagian. WE Care, our data-driven digital decision platform, leverages ML and analytics. It works together with Gratifi™ another of our patent products, to weave a culture of appreciation and collaboration within the organization.

Employee Benefits


We nurture a work environment that promotes transparency, value for talent, innovation, and fast track career growth opportunities. Outstanding efforts are recognized using Cybage’s R&R platform ‘Gratifi.’ Mumployees is an initiative for new mothers, and mothers with toddlers working at Cybage to connect digitally for various activities.