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Digital Speaking ...

Everywhere we turn in the business world, the power of digital disruptions has been providing a transformative edge to those who understand them. One would hence assume that IT service pioneers with a knack for digital know-how should be the leading transformers of their own environments. But that’s not happening. Why? Because our enormously successful industry believes it has already perfected the ‘people & process’ models that are required for our business. Therefore, our winning formula stays unchanged: an outward focus on the evolving needs of our customer base. For instance, presently, we are busy capitalizing on the massive appetite for digital transformation technologies in global markets. Unfortunately, our steadfast focus on ‘opportunities’ has blindfolded us to the ‘threats’ that this very digital transformation poses to our own relevance!

IT companies need to first transform themselves to be able to offer efficient transformation services. With their armies of knowledge professionals and customers, technology companies are sitting on an incredible potential to create integrated models that find patterns in their workforce and customer data―patterns that can be used as the basis for transformative software to run the companies’ operations. Hence, to seize this opportunity, IT leaders must first reinvent their individual leadership styles, regardless of past accolades, and become practitioners of internal digital execution. However, the popular notion of a sound corporate strategy is extremely growth-focused, making it difficult for executives to change their thought processes with agility. In fact, there is an epidemic failure to wholeheartedly commit to the first step of digital transformation; namely, the formation of a Data Science team with a time investment compelling enough to catch the imagination of the organization’s overall strategy!

There are a few exceptions, though. Cybage stands tall among these exceptions. Since the turn of the century, we have been energetically bringing the power of data science to life in the way we conduct our business. Forming the bedrock of Cybage’s success is our willingness to rethink our organization’s digital charter: it’s not how much data we capture, but how well we turn this data into actionable insights that matters.

Cybage appreciated the value of machine learning early in its existence, as we worked on identifying variables and metrics to continuously predict the changing performance and risks associated with people, processes, and projects. Our transformation teams lead the organization together with our business stakeholders. This approach takes advantage of what our business stakeholders know best—the successful delivery of IT projects. This approach also capitalizes on what our Data Science team knows best—data transformation, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and machine learning to optimize the structure and platforms on which our IT projects are delivered. Together, we have a synergized leadership team.

We call our evolving ecosystem ExcelShore® for Digital Excellence. So if you are an enterprise or a professional—as a consumer or a supplier of digital magic—I welcome you as a co-traveler in our quest for data excellence. Together, we can accelerate our corporate or individual digital aspirations on the revolutionary ExcelShore® platform.

Arun Nathani
CEO & Managing Director
Leadership | Cybage