There is a tremendous surge in supply chain velocity with transport management systems evolving in tandem. This leads to reduced costs through information sharing and synchronization between trading partners and transportation service providers.

Companies are re-envisioning existing frameworks, processes, and systems around transport and logistics management thereby leading to a holistic overhaul of operations and strategy. The objective is to harness the power of digital transformation in transportation and logistics to drive down costs, enhance supply chain integration, and increase market power through customer fulfilment.

With our deep domain expertise and technical capabilities in digital, IoT, transportation and logistics management, Cybage touches every aspect of the supply chain for transportation, distribution, freight, and logistics business, delivering high value for clients.


Our Key Solutions


Cybage helps build TMS solutions to improve shipment efficiency, monitor the supply chain in real time, minimize the transportation cost, and improve customer service. We also provide solutions for:

  • IoT-based platforms to optimize the movement of goods
  • Route optimization
  • Last mile delivery solutions
  • Carrier planning
  • Demurrage and retention