Alcohol abstainers felicitated by CybageAsha

December 18, 2013  

CybageAsha, the corporate social responsibility wing of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. in an alcohol de-addiction awareness program felicitated a group of once-addicts-now-successful-abstainers at Khulewadi slums, near Kharadi recently. This program was organized to felicitate those who had sincerely battled alcoholism at the alcohol de-addiction center run by CybageAsha and emerged victorious. 

CybageAsha runs an alcohol de-addiction center at Khulewadi community. The center works towards motivating alcohol addicts to kick the habit and lead an addiction-free life. Most of the addicts here work as painters or labourers on daily wages and consumed alcohol regularly. A doctor visits this community every Sunday for counseling and treating the addicts. With regular follow-ups and counseling by volunteers and doctors, this center has managed to persuade many alcohol addicts to give up addiction. Presently, there are around 15 alcohol addicts, out of which eight are regular patients and have been treated completely. 

Through this program, alcohol de-addicts were asked to share their experience so that more people are inspired to join this program and benefit from it. One of the beneficiaries of the programme, Mr. Gajanan Padghamkar, said, “I work as a painter at a nearby construction site on a daily wage. Prior to the treatment, I consumed alcohol daily. Due to my habit, my family suffered a lot. I could not pay for my children’s education and disrespected my wife. But, with the treatment and family support, I have absolutely stopped drinking and now I pledge not to touch it in future.”

“Every addict is different and they tend to react differently. It’s amazing to see that the efforts taken by our volunteers in conducting door-to-door drives to identify alcohol addicts, creating awareness, counseling and follow-ups, have borne fruits and is changing the lives of many addicts,” said Mr. Ketan Parekh, Engagement Manager, Cybage, and Active CybageAsha member. He further added, “The success of this program is a big encouragement for us to take bigger steps towards this cause.”

This program is also aimed at improving the confidence of abstainers. Mr. Dhasharath Karambe, an abstainer who was facilitated said, “For the past one year, I haven’t had a sip of the evil drink. This was all possible due to the efforts of CybageAsha and services of the doctor. I appeal to my fellow friends to follow in my footsteps and lead an addiction–free life.” 

The five alcohol abstainers who were felicitated by CybageAsha are Gajanan Padghamkar, Ravindra Ghorpade, Dhasharath Karambe, Vijay Ingale, and B.B. Dalvi.  

About CSR arms of Cybage Software
CybageAsha and Cybage Khushboo are two CSR arms of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. These philanthropic arms have taken up educational and socio-economic drives aiming at the upliftment of the less fortunate for a better society. While CybageAsha’s four important programs are rural upliftment, alcohol de-addiction, social welfare, and go-green, Cybage Khushboo facilitates higher education for needy students through scholarship programs and education counselling. Both these voluntary initiatives have been allocated independent funds to draw a budget for their activities. Thousands of families have benefitted from both CybageAsha and Cybage Khushboo