Greg Wiggins


Greg Wiggins

Greg drives growth and innovation strategies for Cybage in the North American region. An industry veteran, he brings over three decades of expertise in business development, regional growth, and technology leadership. He has been instrumental in bridging the gap between technology and business to sculpt the future of organizations.

In his role, he is responsible for streamlining business resources to accelerate sales. He accomplishes goals by creating winning strategies and implementing effective processes. Greg helps drive transformation by leveraging tested concepts for sustained, improved, and scalable results. He utilizes his experience across corporate strategy to reset sales paradigms and deliver best-in-class results. Greg blends an innovative, data-driven approach with an invigorating passion for one-on-one connections with customers. He is focused in bringing novel solutions to the business challenges and digital transformation for customers.

He has an extensive experience across leadership roles, having directed multi-functional global teams and carving out maps of success. He translates proven sales theories and marries them into effective business strategies to create growth opportunities. In addition to his leadership and technology background, Greg is recognized for creating and managing high-performing offshore teams to accelerate development and optimize productivity.

He is a Brigham Young University alumnus with a degree in computer science. Greg holds two patents and has a solid drive to help others succeed. He is the leader everyone looks up to because of his knack for providing actionable advice for sales teams and business leaders alike.