A transparent back-office takes out the guesswork, brings in productivity, and improves the bottom line. Cybage has architected several back-office systems such as Order Management, Warehouse Management, EDI, Inventory management, etc. for several global retail industry leaders.


Unified Commerce - Master data management

 Optimizing traditional retail management software or implementing contemporary management suites, Cybage has architected back-office solutions empowering industry leaders to bring in automation and efficiency across back-office processes and functions, driving better bottom lines.



a. Order Management

We at Cybage offer a host of packaged and bespoke retail back-office solutions for managing your fulfillment. Our expertise spans the gamut of discrete fulfillment systems to integrated fully automated fulfillment solutions.

  • Implementing centralized, distributed order management solutions.
  • Integration with commerce platforms, marketplaces, and ERP systems
  • Integration with third-party shipping providers
  • Facilitating omnichannel fulfillment

b. Master Data Management

 A key component for retailers is to define and track what they sell. With multiple sales channels, it is imperative to have product and catalog data management that provides a consistent view without compromising the innovation and the customization necessary for devising a strategy for a channel. Having a unified Master Data management across enterprises servicing all channels is now the necessity of businesses.

Our back-office solutions enable clients to optimally handle complex product mixes in terms of pricing and promotions. Cybage can help clients analyze the sales data and define and develop product and catalog management and assortment solutions. This helps clients integrate seamlessly with supply chain, product pricing, and promotion management across all channels.

c. Omnichannel OMS

Brick to Click or Click to Brick or even BOPIS (Buy Online Purchase in Store) seamlessly connects all your sales points to provide your customers a seamless shopping experience. Cybage has proven expertise in implementing DOM (Distributed Order Management) solutions.

Research shows that 'omnichannel consumers' spend 5% to 30% more than their counterparts, which means reasonable omnichannel solutions can improve a retailer's top line. With our comprehensive domain knowledge, we help our clients strategize robust omnichannel digital retail solutions. The biggest challenge posed by an omnichannel system is that multiple channels mean multiple sources of data.

Consolidating the unstructured data left behind by customers across various touchpoints into holistic customer profiles that serve as a single source of truth is where we capitalize on our in-depth understanding of how omnichannel systems work. The crux of a true omnichannel solution is to provide consumers a seamless brand experience, whether they are shopping on the web, in the store, through a mobile device, or all the above.

With consumers becoming more demanding and competitors more capable, we focus on augmenting consumer experience to differentiate the client's brand and ensure that they stay relevant. End-to-end visibility, data transformation, and aggregation provide tactical and actionable insights to business strategists to yield significant competitive advantages and smart decision making.

d. Integration Services

Standardized integrated systems are at the core of any retail management software suite. Cybage has architected monolithic, service oriented and microservice based solutions to broker between critical back-office systems, improving operational efficiency and increasing ROI.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cloud point of sale (POS) and back-office solutions for seamless digital store
  • Big data and analytics to drive actionable insights
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions using beacons, chatbots, and smart shelves
  • Interfacing with drones to complete last-mile fulfilments
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for faster and accurate deployments