Embark on your digital transformation journey by creating a unique brand image & mapping consumer journeys, seamlessly supported by a robust commerce strategy. Cybage's digital transformation services bring in automation to provide seamless back-office integrations and create compelling brand experiences for your customers. Adopt digital transformation to support the future of your business!

Harness the power of Robotic Process Automation to optimize back-office processes to enhance brand value and provide an excellent consumer experience.Digital Transformation - Robotic Process Automation


a. Consumer Journey

Charting the consumer experience helps an organization be more attuned to consumer dynamics and trade in consumer loyalty. Mapping a customer's journey is not as daunting as it sounds; however, no two customer journeys are alike, and it takes a seasoned professional to discern the nuances.

At Cybage, we help global retailers chart out their end customers' journeys in the least disruptive fashion.

b. Commerce Strategy

Drive holistic growth by leveraging a contemporary framework that offers better visibility at the system level and providing a seamless customer experience where it matters most—the front end.

Attaining Retail Nirvana is to have cohesive sales channels backed by robust architecture, which can scale on demand quickly with minimal disruptions. It is time to move from a tightly coupled ecosystem to a unified commerce landscape.

What we deliver

  • Branding & Design – Creating unique identities
  • Commerce Consultation – Platform consultation, e-commerce adoption strategies, lift & shift solutions
  • Effective Search & Navigation – Increased ROI by adopting ML & AI to offer the right thing at the right time
  • Social Media – Create seamless novel channels to reach out to customers

c. End to End Commerce Solutions

Deliver consistent service experience across all your sales channels by efficiently combating digital disruptions. We at Cybage have delivered commerce solutions to retail enterprises worldwide.

What we deliver

  • Commercial Commerce Platforms - Commerce platform implementation using Magento, Hybris & Digital River & Shopify platforms
  • Headless Commerce - Bespoke microservice platform creation to seamlessly integrate with homegrown or commercial back-office systems

d. Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent process automation helps improve productivity while increasing ROI. Cybage partners with you on your automation journey to effectively formulate a human-robot interaction plan, improve productivity, enhance ROI, and increase customer delight.

What we deliver

  • RPA Consulting – Process mining, identification of ideal candidates for automation, RPA strategy.
  • RPA – Process automation using UiPath, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism