Often serving as a system of record for ultra-modern digital health solutions, clinical workflow solutions are the core IT systems for care delivery organizations. While the all-encompassing solutions like electronic health records capture more popular attention, there exists a huge ecosystem of solutions focusing on one piece of the overall clinical workflow puzzle. Since these are the solutions which are used by care delivery stakeholders in their day-to-day operations, any innovation which focuses on any kind of clinical or administrative outcome must concentrate on clinical workflow solutions.

Clinical Workflow Automation Challenges

Clinical workflow solutions being mission critical, there is a strong commitment towards availability, compliance, and accuracy. There is an equally strong push towards constantly innovating, upgrading, and integrating with more cutting-edge solutions. Rapid changes are also necessitated by evolving care workforce expectations, shifting regulatory landscape, and even security threat perceptions. Such expectations put enormous pressure on engineering teams to not just get but keep it right.

Cybage's Clinical Workflow
Health Solutions

Solution Focus

  • Electronic heath record
  • Clinical decision support system
  • E-prescription
  • Order management 
  • Patient care coordination
  • Patient portals

Cybage Offerings

  • HL7 v2.x, FHIR integration 
  • Agile product engineering
  • Functional consultancy
  • EBM algorithm to software rollout
  • Support services 

Our Clinical Workflow Expertise

Since the early 2000s, Cybage has been engineering clinical workflow platforms with major solution vendors. We understand the balancing act which the engineering and product management teams have to perform. And that is why, as an engineering partner we focus a lot on modern agile engineering practices including mature DevOps tool set, shift-left approach, and continuous testing, among others. This engineering capability is complemented by our mature 24x7 technical support and managed services offering.