New care paradigms of ‘Software as Drug (SaaD)’ or ‘Software as Medical Device (SaaMD),’ have ushered tremendous opportunities for meaningful impact on care quality, patient satisfaction, and cost. Digital Therapeutics is a technology story. It is also a user experience story and a regulatory compliance story. All these have to combine just right for a successful digital therapeutics solution.


There are a lot of moving parts for engineering a digital therapeutics solution starting from designing the right digital health experience to leveraging the potential of modern technologies like Bioinformatics (genomics), IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR to the fullest. Most important is the clinical validation of SaaD/SaaMD therapeutic intervention tweaks to SDLC methodology because of regulatory implications. The digital therapeutics class of solutions test the capabilities of product and technology teams to their fullest.

Cybage's Digital Therapeutics


  • Clinical algorithms based on EBM guidelines
  • Specialty-specific interventions
  • Tele/Remote care solutions
  • Patient engagement and education
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Case management workflows
  • Compliance validations


  • Clinical domain experts
  • Validation and verification services
  • Cloud solution consultancy
  • Data engineering services
  • AI/ML, IoT consultancy
  • UX consultancy
  • DevOps/AIOps


From a digital therapeutic intervention concept to clinically validated Software as Drug (SaaD) product is a complex and long journey.  As a technology partner to some of the niche digital health platform leaders, we understand key success drivers of digital therapeutics solutions. Our team of healthcare functional experts is backed by the dedicated competencies of cloud, data engineering, AI/ML, IoT, UX consultancy among others. Our tailored execution methodology excels not just at ‘Quality by Design’ but ‘Quality by Speed’ as well.