The true potential of engineering innovations in digital health are only realized if they are backed with robust healthcare managed IT services. It is not just about keeping the system running but ensuring that the highest levels of customer experience, care data availability, system performance and compliance, are delivered. Such operational excellence is only achieved with a carefully calibrated and mature service delivery model.


Once a digital health platform is deployed, operations often turn out to be a multifaceted challenge. This includes user helpdesk, interface management, data cleansing, application administration, and performance management, among others. There is an added constraint of time-sensitive intervention, dependency on partners/vendors, information security, and regulatory compliance. A digital health COO has to successfully navigate all these challenges while keeping the cost low.


Cybage's Healthcare
Managed Services


  • Interface management
  • ETL/ELT life cycle management
  • Digital health experience
  • High uptime and availability
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Automation


  • ITIL drive service design
  • Business associate agreement and other legal controls
  • Independent compliance audits
  • Resources trained in HL7, x12n, etc.
  • Modern DevOps toolchains
  • Continual learning
  • 24 x 7 support model


Cybage understands that successful healthcare delivery services need a more nuanced approach as compared to other industries. At the core of successful healthcare delivery is a data driven ITIL based service delivery governance model. This is leveraged by highly customized engagement specific playbooks/SOPs for each service focus area including support, infra, and security. Service delivery workforce is trained in applicable data interoperability skills and regulatory compliance standards. To ensure operational efficiency there is a strong focus on leveraging modern DevOps tool chain, automation, and a culture of continual improvement.