We provide leading global transportation companies with solutions for Product Development, Implementation and Integration services, and Quality and Support services, to collaborate and execute faster to enable E2E visibility. This has helped businesses improve efficiency, safety, and quality of their fleet operations with internet-connected sensors and software.

We support any organization that needs a system for commercial vehicles to function or engage in vehicle fleet management systems. The purpose of fleet management is to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance to increase productivity and help a business run smoothly.


Our Key Solutions


Fleet Management is a tedious, costly, and time-consuming activity regardless of the size of the fleets. It is not easy to keep track of vehicle management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, registration, tracking, driver management, and operation cost.

Situations could easily go out of your hand if you are managing multi-company fleets. This leads to stress irrespective of how much you trust your employees.

We at Cybage help you in building your own FMS system to manage all your vehicles. This FMS system performs various operations to improve efficiency, control the cost, keep track of vehicles, manage drivers and improve business operations.

We also provide:

  • Digital software ecosystem for fleet management processes
  • Telematics, route optimization, vehicle visibility to steer your fleet
  • Driver performance and behavior management
  • Smart mobile application for last mile delivery operations
  • Smarter and greener fleet with AI-backed fuel efficiency solutions and remote diagnostics
  • Fleet maintenance and asset tracking