Here is a look at our three enterprise workflow apps that are published on the ServiceNow app store


Slack Notification

Enterprises using Slack for internal collaboration can take advantage of this plugin to introduce another channel (in addition to email, push, and SMS) for communication. Though the configuration and functioning of this application are similar to 'system email notification', it packs some advance features such as the ability to define what data to be sent, sending notifications to multiple channels, and sending notifications as part of a workflow with a built-in retry mechanism. Slack notification rules can be set for any tables within the NOW platform.

Microsoft Teams Notifications

MS Teams provides the instant messaging capability to streamline enterprise communication and workflow. It enables the team to effectively collaborate and have conversations, ensuring seamless work management. Like Slack Notification, Teams Notification rules can be set for any table within the NOW platform.

Org Hierarchy

The Org Hierarchy app helps you make informed decisions by showing the resource hierarchy within an organization. It makes it possible to view the user/resource hierarchy by drilling down till the last resource in the hierarchy. You can view the hierarchy in two formats: Hierarchical List View and Tree View. The list of users can be narrowed by applying filters such as Company, Location, Department, and Cost Center. Alternatively, you can select a specific user and view their reporting structure. To ensure security, users will be able to see the reporting structure only if they have the requisite access to concerned applications, tables, records, and fields. You can learn more about the application.