Businesses generate a humongous amount of information (videos, documents, images, etc.) every second. This makes the retrieval and management of all this content a serious challenge. Add to this the task of ensuring smooth enterprise collaboration, and you will need a powerful and feature-rich enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

As a Microsoft SharePoint Gold Partner in collaboration and content competency, we help you organize, manage, and monitor content by enhancing the quality of workflows and processes. With improved workflows, businesses enjoy the benefits of organizational agility and acquire actionable insights for informed decision-making. Backed by a team of SharePoint and Microsoft technology-certified experts, we help you boost employee productivity with intelligent collaboration that drives customer satisfaction and, ultimately, business success.

Solution Highlights

  • Augment customer experience with timely delivery of relevant content
  • Stimulate collaboration with thoughtful business insights
  • Digitize processes and drive productivity
  • Reduce business costs with optimum resource utilization 
  • Ensure business continuity with flexible work arrangements


SharePoint intranet

SharePoint modern intranet provides immense opportunities to improve business processes (using Power Automate) and reporting (using Power BI) within the intranet. It also enhances future possibilities to integrate with Microsoft automation and AI capabilities in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint migration services

Our expertise enables organizations to migrate from their on-premises setup to online using tools such as ShareGate, Metalogix, SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), etc.

Document management

Organizational success depends to a large extent on the collection, storage, and distribution of knowledge and documents. Robust document and library capabilities are among the core features of SharePoint corporate intranet that help businesses achieve state-of-the-art knowledge management, collaboration, and more.

Collaboration and Social features

SharePoint is no more a rigid and static platform that is used only on-premises. With a myriad of collaborations and social features, evolvement of Yammer, “Follow” features, and Office 365 tools, SharePoint employee intranet has become an interactive social system to actively engage employees and provide them a more fun experience.

It allows you to search for people within the company, makes you understand the audience better and improves the channel of communication. Microsoft Teams as a flagship collaboration tool is at the heart of the intranet experience.

Microsoft Power Platform

These are a group of products offered by Microsoft to develop and build complex business solutions, analyze and draw data visualizations, automate a business process, or build virtual agents for communication. All these products offer a codeless platform to build applications.

Extended Capabilities

SharePoint & Power Platform Consultation

Our team of certified experts helps you get the most from SharePoint Online and Power Platform products such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents. Their expert advice will guide you to build effective intranet, applications, and solutions with a no-code or low-code approach.

Scalable solutions

Our development team uses SharePoint Online, SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI to develop complex solutions such as web applications, portals and more. To gain the required scalability and robustness in solutions, our team follows a continuous integration approach. We follow the industry’s best tools and practices for effective and efficient SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint support and managed services

We offer SharePoint support and maintenance services in which regular upgrades are provided, errors and bugs are tested and fixed.