We, at Cybage cloud test engineering group, understand the key cloud adoption aspects such as:

  • Change in resource cost model to OpEx
  • Shared security model
  • Dependency avoidance
  • Inbuilt chaos engineering practices
  • Minimal redundancy and need-based scalability

And know its impact and the need to implement added test spectrum with the required pool of testing tools to address such adoptions.

Cybage cloud testing services provide and ensure that your application’s cloud adoption should conform with:

  • User Experience: - functional correctness and its ease of usage
  • Optimization: - configuration tuning to optimize resource consumption
  • Performance: - seamless user experience for responses as well as throughput needs
  • Reliability: - scalability, multi region deployment, failover, recovery
  • Security: - shared security model across cloud spectrum from infrastructure, platform, OWASP, compliances.
  • Operational Excellence: - correctness of monitoring, logging, alerting, notifications, provisioning tooling and practices.

Cloud adoption across domains such as Web Applications, Data Analytics, Containerized solutions, Serverless computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and AI/ML require a well-integrated test strategy. We offer these solutions on various cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.


Our Highlights

  • Focused specialized group of cloud test architects, consultants and engineers
  • Purpose-engineered quality management system to address and optimize need of end-to-end testing of various cloud deployments—public, multi-cloud, hybrid, virtualized, containerized
  • Integrated cohesive test coverage—end-to-end test strategy including functional, cloud automation testing, performance, security & resilience
  • Proven expertise to identify optimized configuration and cloud infrastructure provisioning
  • Test engineered utilities to expedite and enable various flavors of testing using ready-to-use libraries, tools, accelerators

Cloud Test Offerings

Cybage helps organizations embrace cloud adoption by providing cloud testing services with:

  • Cloud test consultation
  • Test engineering and execution services

Cloud Test Consultation

Cybage cloud test consultation helps create QA processes for specific purposes considering cloud technologies and challenges using:

  • Cloud testing need and implementation assessment
  • Test strategy and process conceptualization for cloud native, hybrid & migrated applications
  • Test tools, platforms, services feasibility and selection
  • Standardization—metrics definition, test artifacts analysis and review
  • Defining end-to-end cloud test applicability and roadmap for integration with SDLC

Test Engineering and Execution Services

Our end-to-end cloud test execution service covers the spectrum of testing as shown below:



We have expertise in various tools required for cloud testing right from functional validations, load generation, data processing, benchmarking, and application cluster monitoring to resilience testing.