Cybage cloud testing services ensure that there is optimum utilization of cloud services for your application with enhanced user experience, elastic scaling, automated provisioning and accurate monitoring.

As cloud testing providers, we offer an effective strategy that will help address the challenges and reap benefits from cloud characteristics. The strategy covers not just functional aspects of an application but also emphasizes on the non-functional testing requirements of cloud. An end to end testing approach is followed to ensure high quality across all aspects of cloud implementation.

We offer testing expertise across different applications that involve the latest technology solutions deployed on various cloud platforms.

Our Highlights


  • Focused team of cloud test specialists and QA engineers
  • Purpose-engineered quality management system for applications deployed on cloud
  • Proven expertise to identify optimized configuration and cloud infrastructure provisioning
  • Dedicated test lab for Ramp;D of utilities, tools, accelerator creation, and competence enablement
  • Automated framework for cluster monitoring and deployment
  • Expertise in building comprehensive on-demand test infrastructure using IaaS



  • Automated lab deployer for massive cluster monitoring, result accumulation, and graph plotting
  • Geo-distributed massively scalable load generation framework for extensive coverage, mimicking real- world behavior, interactive dashboard and analytics for result insight
  • Data generation framework for simulating heavy load conditions



  • Cloud testing need and implementation assessment
  • Test strategy and process conceptualization
  • Test tools and platform selection
  • Metrics definition and report analysis
  • Cloud capacity planning and sizing


Functional Testing                          

  • Component(s) Functional Testing: Validate each component/module behavior as per business requirements.
  • Integration Testing: Validation integration between different cloud services/components.
  • End to End Testing: Validation of distributed developed system/components or integrated components as a whole as per the defined business flow.
  • Interoperability Testing: Validation of Interoperability between on-premise and cloud systems.
  • Multi-Tenancy Testing: Validating access control, privileges, data integrity for tenants.
  • Test Automation: Automating manual test processes and executions.


Non Functional Testing         

  • Configuration Testing: Validating and fine-tuning configuration at different levels of application such as cluster configuration, service configuration, etc.
  • Scalability Testing: Validate system Scale Out/In approach and its implementation with reference to user experience.
  • Failover Testing: Validate application availability and traffic distribution in case of service failures.
  • Reliability Testing: Confirm application backup and restore.
  • Recovery Testing: Validate system provisioning for disaster recovery.
  • Security Testing: Vulnerability assessment and security audit of cloud deployed application.



We have expertise in various tools required for cloud testing services right from functional validations, stubs, data processing, benchmarking, and application cluster monitoring to resilience testing tools.