Our services help our valued global customers to focus more on deciding and targeting their business goals for future growth, without being concerned about how their application/product will be perceived by end users.

Strong expertise in performance testing services and a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals ensure that our customer’s applications/products are receptive and responsive, scalable and highly available. Our performance portfolio includes but is not limited to, testing applications diversified across the web, mobile, distributed architecture, cloud infrastructure, microservices, SQL and NoSQL databases, API, legacy, and containerization.

Our professionals always cater to customer needs and even provide value-added services such as consultations, need assessments, tool feasibility, strategy and process conceptualization.

Our Services


Performance needs assessment

Our experienced professionals interact with business analysts, development architects, and product owners to conduct a detailed study of the customer’s application. They understand the customer’s business need, non-functional performance requirements, study the bottlenecks, and derive the dimensions to evaluate and define the goals/objectives.


Tool and platform fitment

One of the most important factors in performance testing is “mimicking the real user traffic”. Traffic can be in various forms / over different protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, ODBC, TCP, REST API, SOAP, RTMP, HLS, AJAX, etc. It is of utmost importance to analyze the application traffic first, and then identify the tool that can capture and execute it. We have expertise in performing load generation tool feasibility study for our customers and also in consulting them if there is any need of customization or creating simulators to mimic the real-time traffic. We provide recommendations about the alternatives which can be utilized considering the costing aspect / ROI.


Strategizing the performance test

Based on the non-functional requirements, the dimensions to be evaluated, and the expected goals/objectives, we devise and plan specific performance testing strategies for our customers. These include insights on the goals that will be achieved, the methodology to be opted, the expected outcome, overall plan, and estimates. It also details out the different types of synthetic workloads to be performed, different phases in which the complete activity will be executed, key milestones, and the final outcomes.


Performance framework implementation

With our specialized skill sets and strong performance domain knowledge, we help our customers to setup performance framework to achieve higher efficiency and enhance productivity. We define the best suited performance frameworks for our customers, the selection and definition of which are driven by the multiple toolsets in use. Our frameworks cover various aspects such as reusable scripting classes/libraries, workload designing and scheduling, on-demand and scalable load generation lab, near real-time test execution monitoring, and comparative and trend analysis dashboards.


Analysis and Optimization

Our performance experts, having multiple years of experience in performance testing domain, consult our valued customers to analyze the performance reports and identify the bottlenecks. Here our experts deep dive into various details such as the workload executed, the stats recorded, the infrastructure utilization, the performance KPIs etc., and provide recommendations for optimization.


End to end performance testing services

Our team undertakes the complete ownership of the application’s/product’s end to end performance testing. Here our experts define the complete roadmap and plan, and our team executes the various testing activities. Our customers receive daily status updates about the progress. Our team ensures the timelines are met and the expected deliverables are shared with all the stakeholders. This way our customers are confident and can completely rely on us.


Test Service Range

The Performance team interacts with various stakeholders, studies customer needs, understands the future goals and then defines the performance test applicability. We specialize in mimicking the real-time user behavior and application workload through various test ranges, as specified below:

  • Page analysis
  • Load testing services
  • Stress testing services
  • Spike testing
  • Volume testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Scalability testing
  • Failover testing



  • Focused and dedicated performance test experts and professionals
  • Purpose-engineered, comprehensive performance procedures and processes
  • Specialization in emerging performance testing areas using commercial and open-source tooling
  • Expertise in building on-demand and scalable load generation lab using cloud services and open-source tools
  • Comprehensive performance test coverage
  • Engineered Test Tools (ETT) to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Maximized ROI and time to market using an effective selection of tools, environment and methodology


Perf Artillery

  • A complete automated solution for geo-distributed end to end performance testing
  • With a click it configures the entire load generation lab, executes the tests, collects the data, and provides near real-time dashboards
  • It is platform independent and can be utilized in-house or over the cloud



  • Intelligent spy to quickly identify dynamic parameters and provide recommendations; has the ability to filter captured traffic and generate the required test script versions.
  • Complete automated solution for configuring, executing and reporting website speed; has the ability to execute from multiple locations around the globe with real browsers/devices and network speeds; reports optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.
  • Efficient reporting solution providing near real-time dashboards; saves considerable amount of efforts (about 60%) otherwise spent in manual creation of reports; fully customizable to address the customer reporting needs.