IT applications today are much more complex and architected with diversified technologies and services to serve global users. The expectations are to have these applications fast, reliable and always accessible from anywhere.

Our performance testing services help valued global customers to achieve business goals with confirmation of top-class user experience and assured readiness of backend to serve massive end user concurrency.

Our strong expertise in this domain and a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals ensure that applications/products are fast, responsive, scalable, and always available. We devise purpose-driven and goal-oriented performance testing strategy to confirm business success against critical non-functional performance aspects. Our spectrum of performance test portfolio not only covers various types of applications including websites, mobile applications, and APIs but also core application building blocks such as distributed architecture, cloud infrastructure, microservices, NRDBMS, BigData, serverless and containerized platforms.

We also provide value added advisory services such as needs assessment, gap analysis, tool feasibility, strategy and process conceptualization to adopt delivery modernization such as Shift Left/Right and CI-CD integration.

Our Services

Performance testing services are offered in two separate categories

  • Advisory Services
  • Engineering and Execution Services

Advisory Services

With our performance testing advisory services, we assess business NFR needs and application consumption, identify gaps, define a roadmap with test tool and platform feasibility, Framework guidelines, best practices, and recommendations, to achieve performance test integrated SDLC, maximized ROI and less time to market. Advisory services are executed by dedicated performance testing consultants, having extensive experience in the field of performance testing. Glimpse of activities performed as a part of our advisory services are provided below:

Need and Gap Assessment

We understand / deep dive into the customer’s business performance testing needs and non-functional performance requirements. We analyze the real time traffic for its type and velocity, study the existing bottlenecks, the process followed, the testing in place and understand the future needs. We derive the dimensions to evaluate, define the goals/objectives and identify the performance testing gaps that need to be addressed.

Strategizing the Performance Test

Considering the user behavior modelling, pareto analysis (80-20 rule), expected goals/objectives and the performance testing gaps to be addressed, we devise and strategize user experience focused on end-to-end performance testing for our customers. Our strategy details the methodology, test applicability, workload model, and timelines along with key milestones and deliverables.

Tool Feasibility and Fitment

Workload of an application comprises of traffic which is over protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, Web socket, gRPC, ODBC, TCP, REST API, SOAP, RTMP, HLS, AJAX, etc. To evaluate the performance precisely and design near real-time workload, we analyze the traffic in detail and identify an optimized set of commercial and open-source tools fit for performance testing, driven by higher ROI across categories such as web analytics, load generation, APM, monitoring, logging and alerts, etc.

Performance Framework Implementation

We define the best suited performance testing frameworks for our customers, the selection and definition of which is driven by the multiple toolsets in use. Our frameworks cover various aspects such as reusable scripting classes/libraries, workload designing and scheduling, on-demand and scalable load generation lab, near real-time test execution monitoring, and comparative and trend analysis dashboards. Overall, it helps to achieve higher efficiency and enhance productivity.

Analysis and Optimization

We analyze the performance testing tool and monitoring logs, raw reports and work closely with the customer team to identify the bottlenecks. Our experts deep dive into various details such as the workload executed, the stats recorded, the infrastructure utilization, errors reported, the performance KPIs etc. and provide recommendations for optimization.

Engineering and Execution Services

For this service, the testing activity is managed by the customer, right from timelines, milestones, to deliverables, and our team/resources are onboarded for execution to work closely with customer stakeholders. Our team/resources are responsible to execute all the required performance testing activities from gathering the NFRs, designing and maintaining the scripts and designing the scenarios and data, performing executions, gathering the monitoring data logs, and generating the required reports. Timely insights about the progress of work, identified bottlenecks, its impact, and any challenges observed are provided to all the stakeholders.


Performance Testing Services-Test Coverage

We specialize in simulating real-time user behavior and application workload through various performance tests specified below:

  • User Experience Benchmarking
  • Load testing services
  • Stress testing services
  • Spike testing
  • Volume testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Scalability testing services
  • Failover testing


  • Centralized performance test engineering group consisting of dedicated performance test experts and professionals
  • Purpose-engineered, comprehensive performance procedures and processes
  • Specialization in performance testing of diversified emerging technologies such as gRPC, WebSocket, Telnet, HLS, IoT, Machine Learning, Multi-Cloud platform, NRDBMS, BigData, Serverless and Containerized platforms, etc.
  • Comprehensive performance testing coverage which spreads across multiple tiers such as user experience, infrastructure consumption layers, orchestration layer, storage layer, data ingestion and transformation, Microservices, etc.
  • Expertise in building on-demand and geo-scalable load generation labs to generate millions of events per second using public cloud services and open-source tools
  • Engineered approach to integrate performance testing as a part of application development lifecycle to include Shift Left and Shift Right
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity with in-house engineered test tools and accelerators

Our Engineered Test Tools (ETT)



We have expertise in various open source, off-the-shelf and proprietary performance testing tools required for page analysis, load testing and application monitoring. Below are a few of the indicative tools: