By leveraging our deep product engineering expertise across the different phases of product life cycle and maintenance, we have enabled ISVs and enterprises to focus on innovation and next-gen product offerings while we take care and maintain the legacy ones. Our end-of-life support services help businesses innovate faster while we focus on the EOL product. We have helped them reduce cost of ownership and management bandwidth to maintain stability and growth with the EOL products enabling them to invest more on their new and strategic products.

With our golden “TIPP” formula our customers can focus on key initiatives while our team takes complete responsibility for deliverables and maintenance of the product.



We bring the powerful advantage of our expertise and experience to create the digital transformation story for our clients.
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Our Expertise


Deep understanding of the product life cycle and proven ISG accredited transition methodology ensures faster knowledge transfer and reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • “TAPAS” framework allows us to mitigate and manage the transition risk allowing us to focus on delivery excellence for continuous service improvement.
  • Our flexi-resource model brings in the ability to quickly ramp up or down, based on the need

The following practices have proved as the most effective ways to optimize efforts of our partners: 

  • Leverage the partner resources to achieve the objectives, i.e.,
    • Stretch the EOL product life and maintenance revenue
    • Maintain relationship with the existing customers 
  • Make use of flexible staffing and cost model to ensure EOL products are profitable
  • Involve in-house resources in strategic product development and support

We have partnered with several ISVs and technology-enabled enterprises, driven growth for them, and helped their customers with their needs and releases. Our success include prominent brands such as: 

  • Symantec
  • DoubleClick