In the current environment, business practices, policies, and execution methodologies keep undergoing changes even as newer and better technologies emerge. In such a scenario, one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is managing IT well enough to keep it in sync with the business while capitalizing on current assets.

Software maintenance services is one of the important phases of a software product lifecycle. It represents the improvements made to the existing software to provide a competitive edge in any industry. We help you in accomplishing this task with proven approaches to software product/application maintenance or end-client specific releases. The range of these software maintenance services is from small fixes for existing defects to implementation of new business rules in an established product.

Cybage executes well-planned knowledge transition and product ramp-up processes to confirm that the offshore team completely understands the client’s product and business standpoint. If any changes are proposed to a system, we conduct impact analysis of these changes using our proven skills. The outcome of this analysis is used to project the propagated effects to the other parts of the system. In any maintenance project, the impact analysis phase is important because it helps comprehend the effect of the design change and release on the product. Consequently, the client can make an informed decision regarding the implementation of any change.



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Our Expertise


  • Performance improvement for better customer experience
  • Bug fixing for better experience 
  • Technical debt reduction and enhanced reliability 
  • Minor enhancements: Provide peripheral modifications to pre-existing products 
  • Improve/Enhance user experience
  • Reset the costs of ongoing annual support