Human resource management systems continue to be among the most evolving organizations just as the enterprises that they cater to are becoming more dynamic in terms of business models and operational excellence. New-age technology excellence backed by data for informed decision-making has enabled HRM software companies to evolve into strategy-centric solution providers. Use of AI and data sciences, coupled with HR software will especially help in building applications that analyze, predict, and diagnose in a much better way. This in turn will help HR teams to make better decisions.

Cybage has extensive experience when it comes to helping the HRMS software companies in their transformation journey from process transitions and technology augmentation to insights and analytics for tracking key organizational metrics. Our domain expertise covers the entire solution landscape to engineer all-encompassing, engaging, and adaptive product solutions. This comprises employees and their engagement, onboarding and management, and the operational ecosystem of back-end functions such as finance, payroll, taxation, etc. These are imbibed with next-gen technologies as their backbone.

HRMS Platforms and Solutions

Workforce Planning and Acquisition

Spans all-inclusive workflows for successfully sourcing and transitioning employees through job board integrations and tracking the communication/collaboration along with complete compliance enforcement:

  • Manpower budgeting
  • Requirement management and job postings
  • Candidate sourcing solutions and communication
  • Applicant tracking solutions
  • Organizational compliance engine
  • Candidate/Employee verification
  • Contact generation and onboarding

Workforce Management

Automated time and attendance, finance and payroll processing are critical processes that have a high impact on organizational processes and need to be highly scalable, secure, and error-free:

  • Rule-based time and attendance tracking (Self, GPS based, System Tracked)
  • Wage-Cost calculation
  • Payroll processing
  • Pay slip generation
  • Taxation

Workforce Optimization

When it comes to HRM software solutions, data is in abundance and offers high scope of providing important insights, be it employee or employer focused. This allows companies to set the right business goals and track them most effectively:

  • Profile configuration and employee dashboards
  • Self-service applications
  • KPI reporting, analytics, and dashboards

Reward and Recognition

As far as employee performance and maintaining a motivated workforce attitude is concerned, the right rewards and recognition platform goes a long way to establish a culture of positive atmosphere and happiness. A well-integrated platform will help in identifying and realizing the right opportunity to recognize the right person at the right time and ultimately reinforce company values:

  • Automated rewards-based system
  • Employee engagement mechanisms
  • Community collaboration
  • Performance gamification