Technological innovation is transforming business websites & applications. However, these business-driven web platforms are posing accessibility challenges to differently abled section of population; such platforms must be accessible for one and all as it has become need of the day. Besides the business and ethical requirement, ‘Accessibility to All’ is statutory regulation in many countries and to comply with such statutory regulation, web accessibility testing is must.

Cybage offers extensive web accessibility testing services and ADA compliance testing to clients, identifying accessibility barriers on their web platforms by performing accessibility testing against the accessibility compliance standards like W3C’s WCAG Compliance, Section 508 and ADA Compliance. Cybage accessibility testing service is enabled by an extensive web accessibility testing process based on W3C’s WCAG, ADA and Section 508. Our accessibility testing services covers accessibility concepts, accessibility testing process, accessibility testing tools and guidance for accessibility testing aimed at web and mobile applications. 

As your accessibility testing services expert, we check multiple techniques, look for benefits, and make the right choices based on the ‘success criteria and requirements for conformance.’  

If you are targeting to achieve A11y compliance, enhancing the branding or broadening the target audience, check out our web and mobile accessibility testing services.

Our Expertise


Cybage accessibility testing services include

  • Assessment and audit
  • Accessibility testing


We follow various guidelines and techniques for accessibility testing that include:

  • Section 508 compliance
  • WCAG accessibility testing – Web content accessibility guidelines 2.0 (Level AA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design
  • ATAG – Authoring tool accessibility guidelines
  • UAAG - User agent accessibility guidelines
  • XAG - XML accessibility guidelines
  • WAI-ARAI - Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications

Platforms targeted

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Windows, MacOS

Testing highlights

Our accessibility testing consultants, 

  • Provide detailed coverage from accessibility requirement understanding to final delivery of accessibility test results.
  • Deliver accessibility assessment reports which highlight the various accessibility violations and recommendations which helps the developers understand with ease and make the application compliant to accessibility standards.
  • Evaluate the application against some key areas for A11y assessments, like Keyboard Navigations, Color Contrast, High Contrast, Zoom, On-screen Readers, Focus.
  • We bring a unique mix of manual and automated techniques to assess the application for A11y compliance: Manual Testing: Test WA compliant websites with major screen readers and popular browsers on Windows, iOS, Android (devices).
  • Automation Testing: Our teams use both online and offline tools to check the accessibility implementation. 
  • We are well versed on industry leading tool for accessibility testing such as JAWS
  • AXE
  • LightHouse
  • NVDA
  • Voice Over
  • Wave
  • AChecker


Our test labs are built with a suite of hardware, software, and documentation for accessibility resources. These can be leveraged to broaden the test coverage from the accessibility standpoint.

We help you in building competency through various activities that include:

  • Training and awareness: basics of web accessibility are learnt from W3C websites or YouTube videos. Learn how 508 compliant websites are developed.
  • Checklist: In the initial phases follow a checklist defined by SMEs/508.
  • Tools: IDEs are available in the market that use plugins for accessibility guidelines validation and suggestions. Like code hints for Java/.Net in their respective libraries, communities have developed an extension for text editors—AriaLinter is one of them.
  • Testing : Code/websites can be tested with online validators or offline tools. These tools are based on W3C standards where you have to select the level of validation: A, AA, or AAA. The general validation is AA.

Once a team is ready, guidelines can be followed as per the 508 compliance and customer certification level requirements.