Ad Mediation implementation for a leading Mobile Ad network

About the client:
The client is a globally reputed mobile advertising exchange and provides advertising solutions to advertisers, agencies, mobile application developers, and publishers. Its platform offers a marketplace that is easy to integrate and incorporate. With support for Real-time Bidding (RTB) and Ad Mediation, it provides a highly optimized environment for publishers, advertisers, networks, supply side platforms (SSPs), and demand side platforms (DSPs) to manage ad inventory, targeting, and ad serving.

Business need:
The client required a partner with strong industry and systems expertise to help:

  • Develop an RTB solution that will help to bid for inventory across various SSPs, in addition to exposing own inventory for integrations with DSPs
  • Incorporate the OpenRTB guidelines and industry best practices for RTB auctions
  • Implement the front end for use by customers, admin, publishers, and agency or advertiser users
  • Extend the bidding platform to include ad mediation, thereby providing greater flexibility to app publishers
  • Manage technical support and customer support for its platform and infrastructure

Solution offered:

  • Cybage helped the client to create a scalable and flexible ad exchange platform that supported programmatic bidding scenarios.
  • The core platform was extended to address various bidding scenarios such as RTB and ad mediation
  • The implementation of ad mediation ensured maximum exposure to a publisher’s inventory across multiple networks, thereby increasing monetization options.
  • As part of incorporating the ad mediation functionality, the Cybage team helped develop Software Development Kits (SDKs) and the required interface to allow publishers to expose their inventory to multiple ad networks.
  • Cybage developed robust information architecture and aesthetic interfaces for use by platform users.
  • Cybage implemented extensive reporting and decision enabling modules. This included integration with third-party modules to achieve bid optimization.
  • Cybage provided technical and customer support for the client’s products and infrastructure.

Business impact:  

  • Direct contribution to top lines: Bidding-based models contributed a significant percentage of the client’s revenues.   
  • Optimized bidding helped the client derive lower Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Cost per Click (CPC) for inventory. This in turn helped achieve better margins towards inventory sold.    
  • There were reduced cost overheads when providing technical assistance and support towards the client’s products and infrastructure.   
  • Recommendations and enhancements helped the client to develop products with stronger user experience and value for its customers.