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Tech I’d Like to See: "You’ve had enough beer today!"

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Tech I’d Like to See: "You’ve had enough beer today!"

Posted On: 20 March, 2024
By Arun Nathani


"You've had enough beer today!"

Imagine a world where a wearable device could detect an impending health threat you face, based on the current lifestyle you live! We have wearables to track our heartbeats and the quality of sleep, but what we don't yet have are the wearables tracking our eating habits, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and so on. But only monitoring our lifestyle choices will not suffice.

What if we had a technology that could send corrective suggestions, recommended actions, and plausible rewards to alter our lifestyle, mitigate an impending health risk? Something similar could be implied in business too.

Unlocking the potential of Machine Learning will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide. This could deal with such as medical diagnosis, breakdowns, data breach, financial frauds and many more. We are not far away from this. As we step into the 2020s, using Machine Learning to help us make informed decisions throughout our day is becoming imperative.

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