Ad ROI measurement and cross-channel attribution–Platform engineering

About the client:
The client is a leading global media investment management organization with focus on intelligent application of performance-enhancing activities, which helps in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensures better ROI.

Business need:

  • A multitenant system to be used by multiple media agencies within the group
  • A decision support system for Media Managers to help with media planning, budget allocation or optimization, and Ad ROI measurement across media channels
  • Rich user experience and usability for the platform
  • Strong data management and integrity for reports and analytics
  • Support for media spend across currencies, when supporting multinational brands
  • Improved functioning of major analytics modules within the client platform
  • Re-architecture, upgradation, and development of the client marketing and media management platform
  • Incorporation of enhancements and upgrades based on evolving needs
  • Quality Assurance (QA) expertise to develop and establish QA standards and measures

Solution offered:

  • Platform revamping, restructuring, and development
  • Re-architecture and migration of the client platform to newer technology
  • Development of major analytics modules and various features
  • Performance upgrading and enhanced scalability
  • Introduction of new UI designs considering factors such as customization, usability, and appearance
  • Brand onboarding, feeds management, and implementations

Business impact:

  • Higher turnaround on development and implementation of platform features
  • Lower time to market and reduced costs of development
  • Data management and hygiene for higher reliability and integrity when reporting