Data feed integration for a leading online e-commerce store

The client is a leading online e-commerce store and also provides a marketplace for other sellers to sell their products.

Business requirements:

  • Client was looking for a generic solution to manage and process data feeds which is sent and/or received from various content providers, affiliates, and popular websites in the form of multiple file formats. Data feeds mainly consist of product information, image links and pricing.  The affiliates could consume this information from the feed and build individual pages for each product, or put multiple products on each page.
  • Current process to add a new data feed for a new vendor was a tedious process and required changes in multiple applications. Admin panel was provided to manage the fields required by different service providers and to configure the settings.

Following were the business objectives:

  • The client needed to provide data feeds to various affiliates and vendors with the product information from the local database.
  • The client required an application to create and manage workflow rules defined for various affiliates.
  • The developed application needed to define feed specifications and transfer mechanism for various affiliates.

Solution Highlights:

  • Cybage ensured that the feed structure conformed to the rules mentioned in the solution specification.
  • Once the full-fledged feed was generated and met all the requirements mentioned in the solution specifications, we generated the files at the appropriate location and then the affiliates consume the file.
  • We performed end-to-end testing of applications to meet the Quality Assurance needs of the client.

.NET 2.0, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2005