Enterprise email application for a leading online e-commerce store

The client is a leading online e-commerce store and also provides a marketplace for other sellers to sell their products.

Business Requirements:

  • The main objective was to develop an enterprise-level email solution to replace the existing legacy email application and enable users to create and send email-based campaigns independently.
  • This new application sends promotional emails to the target customers, based on various business rules which will be configured from the settings page by administrator. It also provides a flexibility to create and design custom email templates using rich text editor.
  • Integration of new solution with the existing e-commerce website for sending transactional emails.
  • This was also integrated with their existing ecommerce website to use the new application for emails and other third-party service providers.

Solution Highlights:
The main components of the application are as follows:

  • User interface: To enable sellers to manage the template, segment, and campaign through this web application
  • Segments: To define the target audience based on several business rules
  • Templates: To manage, create, and send emails
  • Campaign: To manage the scheduling and launching of a campaign
  • Scheduled jobs: Scheduler services that actually send out emails
  • Integration: Integration with third-party service providers and internal applications

Customer benefits:

  • This web-based application replaced the legacy, small email applications and reduced the maintenance efforts drastically
  • It introduced automation in the campaign launching process. Campaigns could be launched at any given time, providing flexibility to set up campaigns at any time.
  • Three-step or easy-to-go campaign creation process (Define Segment -> Define Template ->Set Campaign Launch date)

NET 4.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, Telerik controls, third-party API for sending emails