Performance oriented Reporting Solution to provide the domain specific intelligent information upto the lowest granularity

The automotive Retail industry in the United States has several providers of on-demand software and data solutions, and the client is one of these leading providers. Client product offers a lot of reporting capabilities to auto dealers. The reports offered give the dealers their sales, inventory, and appraisals-related figures along with other vital information, which help dealers run their business more efficiently

Business Requirements

  • Existing reporting solution is built on OLTP database
  • Complex business logic implemented in reports in OLTP environment results in performance challenges
  • Inability of users to take operational business decisions right in time due to unavailability of right information and unfriendly user interface of reporting solution.

Business Solution

  • Star schema based datamart design and  implementation
  • Pre-calculated/aggregated data layer
  • OLAP reporting solution based on cubes
  • Implementation of better report visualization techniques

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS