Subscription management and rights management–Platform engineering

About the client:
The client, through its products, offers content owners and businesses the ability to manage and deliver content with complete security and surety. The product features robust subscription and permissions management that allows businesses complete control over how users consume content. In addition, the client also helps content-driven businesses effectively monitor licensing and royalties of their content.

Business need:

  • Developing a flexible subscription and permissions management system: Such a system would require support for various monetization models—pay per view and time-based access, among others.
  • Executing contracts workflow management and revenue assurance
  • Managing digital rights of the content delivered
  • Enhancing the back-end infrastructure to effectively manage meta information and product bundling
  • Developing a platform to easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties of content

Solution offered:

  • Cybage developed a scalable and flexible subscription and permission system.
  • Through its Mobile CoE, Cybage helped the client to develop proprietary mobile and desktop SDKs for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to provide a secure means to deliver content.
  • Cybage helped the client to develop a robust, flexible, and scalable system to manage subscriptions and product bundles.
  • The DRM SDKs also worked in an offline disconnected mode to track usage based on products subscribed.
  • The enhancements and developments to the platform helped the client to provide valuable avenues for its customers to effectively monetize video content and manage revenues through licensing and royalties.

Business impact:

  • The client could successfully enhance its product line to offer subscription management to its customers. This addition helped to generate additional revenues for the client.
  • The platform extended itself to become a digital marketplace for content owners and licensees, for content syndication.
  • Cybage allowed the client to address the secure delivery of content using digital rights management. This, in turn, helped to add a valuable feature to its product functionality—enabling more confidence for its customers when subscribing to the products.
  • The client’s customers could now easily manage contracts, licensing, and royalties with respect to their content. The subscriptions for this product further enhanced the top lines for the client.