Sustained Engineering for EMR and Revenue Cycle systems

About the client:
HealthCare INC is a leading medical billing, practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) service provider in United States. The product is a web based implementation based on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Currently the product serves around 1000+ small and mid-sized practices with 20,000+ providers. 

Industry: Healthcare – Provider Geography/Regions served: US Engagement Details: Peak Team Size: 50; Duration: In Progress 

Business Need: 

  • Make the system highly scalable and responsive 
  • Ability to interface with disparate healthcare systems like pharmacy, lab, payer. 
  • Need of a CRM application that can be integrated with the EHR and RCM systems

Business Solution: 

  • Scalability of web and database servers 
  • Optimized Responsiveness – Caching using memcached; preloading; materialized views; use of AJAX 
  • Interoperability with other systems – Mirth Connect - HL7 2.x, NCPDP, ANSI X12n interfaces; store-forward and real-time methods; 
  • Internal CRM application based on sugarCRM 

Tools and Technologies: 
Revenue cycle and EHR product

  • Application framework :- Apache::ASP
  • Web Server : Apache 2.0, mod-perl 2.0
  • Database server oracle 11
  • Programming language :- Perl 5.8
  • Interoperability Engine : Mirth Connect
  • Presentation layer : HTML, CSS, AJAX CRM
  • Application:- sugarCRM
  • Web Server : Apache 2.0, mod-php
  • Database server: MySQL 5
  • Programming language :- PHP 5
  • Presentation layer : HTML, CSS, AJAX