Performance and Scalability Consulting

As businesses evolve, achieving and maintaining the desired performance becomes a challenge. The growing client base and data size degrade the application’s performance. Massive scaling needs and high performance under extreme load are becoming the most important common denominators.

In today’s business for large-scale companies, even a few milliseconds (ms) of degradation in performance adversely affects the revenue. 

Studies have shown that 40 percent of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site. A report by a leading e-commerce website states that every 100-ms increase in the page load time decreased sales by 1 percent, while a leading search engine website stated that a 500-ms increase in the search results display time reduced revenue by 20 percent.  Hence, to meet the clients’ expectations and to stay ahead of the competition, software performance and scalability have become the prime requirements of every business.

The conventional or historically known good architecture and technology stacks fail to meet the performance and scalability expectations of today’s businesses. The process of addressing performance and scalability issues becomes very challenging due to the rapid pace of technology evolution, increasingly diverse technology stacks, and complex deployment environments. Providing solutions to these needs under the constraints of existing technology choices, architecture, and investment calls for specialized performance and scalability engineering expertise, along with a deep knowledge of various use case-specific technology stacks, middleware platforms, and compute alternatives.



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Cybage Offerings


Cybage’s performance and scalability consulting services portfolio is designed to meet the unique multi-disciplinary needs of this problem domain. Armed with expertise in performance testing, performance and scalability engineering, distributed computing, and emerging technologies, Cybage offers a comprehensive services portfolio to support businesses' performance and scalability engineering needs.

The aforementioned  services portfolio offers an assessment of the system, which includes:

Performance and Scalability Assessment

  • Reviewing the existing system design, architecture, and behavior
  • Performance benchmarking of the system under various loads and interaction mix models and stress
  • Identification of the possible bottlenecks with root cause analysis

Performance and Scalability Consulting

  • Architecting and designing solutions to meet performance and scalability goals
  • Remediation plan for bottlenecks identified during the assessment phase
  • Architectural suggestions for multiple aspects like a tool, technology, architectural patterns, communication, integration, data model, deployment, etc.


Security Consulting


Software, including web applications and services, forms the backbone of business processes in today’s highly competitive business environment. Web applications and services have enabled businesses to virtually reach out to their customers across the world. However, the World Wide Web is an unpoliced environment with many unscrupulous users who pose a security threat to business applications. A security breach can cause monetary losses and ruin the reputation of a business.

According to an article published on (The 15 Worst Data Security Breaches of the 21st Century), a Fortune 1000 company was attacked with an SQL Injection, resulting in the exposure of 134 million credit cards. In another related incident, 94 million credit cards were exposed through one American Apparel and Home Goods Company because of weak data encryption or weak network firewall configuration or both. Hackers generally exploit basic vulnerabilities ignored during development due to a lack of awareness regarding security measures or the absence of a dedicated focus on software security.

Software security, being spread across all the phases of the software development cycle (that is, Design, Development, Configuration, and Deployment), should be considered right at the beginning of the design and development phases. Unfortunately, in most cases, security is considered a post-development activity. As a result, any security breach detected at a later phase results in a costly impact on the overall development.

To safeguard a software application, one requires a thorough understanding of the space with continuous updates on new threats. Online communities dedicated to web application security, such as OWASP and SANS, regularly collect information about vulnerabilities and security attacks. Based on their assessment, the respective online community provides guidelines to safeguard applications against those vulnerabilities. An appropriate plan should be in place to adhere to these guidelines.

What We Offer

Cybage offers a highly reliable security service to clients, identifying potential vulnerabilities in their applications or products and safeguarding their applications’ critical data and business logic. Cybage helps clients understand, analyze, and act on security vulnerabilities in the right context before an attacker exploits them.

The Cybage Security Practice follows industry-accepted processes, standards, compliances, and guidelines such as:

  • OWASP Top 10
  • SANS Top 25

Cybage also offers an assessment of the clients' systems. The assessment covers:

  • Black Box Security
  • Application Security (White Box)
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Compliance-based Security

Based on the assessment and identified vulnerabilities, we provide a solution that includes:

  • Detailed risk analysis associated with the vulnerabilities identified in the application
  • Proposed solutions to identified risks and vulnerabilities to be implemented during the Design, Coding, Deployment, and Configuration stages
  • Guidelines and best practices for coding and configuration to fix the identified vulnerabilities
  • Assistance in designing a secure infrastructure for hosting applications
  • Assistance in achieving security compliance

Cybage also provides consultancy in security solutions for various requirements such as Identity Management Service (IMS), SSO, and designing of Authentication and Authorization models.