Real-time rating, billing and charging, and tracking service requests, and routing them to the proper team for efficient processing are some of the challenges to overcome for a smooth customer experience. 

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consulting partner, Cybage ensures that your business reaps the benefits of Dynamics CRM services by system automation. Automated case management, defining case precedence for proper tracking, routing cases to the appropriate team, advanced reporting, and dashboard all improve system efficiency and reduce service lead time and money.

We help turn your simple interactions into lifelong relationships by offering a seamless service to your customers with Dynamics 365 Implementation services. We are dedicated to building your customer service into a strong competitive advantage for your business.



  • Optimize service with actionable insights
  • Deliver proactive service with IoT
  • Personalize customer service engagements
  • Automate customer service workflows
  • Provide self-service support