Development is a one-time effort, but utilizing bots, infrastructure, and resources effectively will boost ROI for an organization implementing RPA solutions.

RPA Process automation center helps in:

  • Maintenance of bots across platforms, workflows, and integrations, as well as their upgrades and enhancements.
  • Establishing automation competency with better development & monitoring of processes for operational tracking.

Cybage helps clients set up the ‘RPA Process Operation Center’ suitable to their requirements. Teams adopt dedicated practices to ensure that given guidelines are followed. Checklists are part of the process for successful development, maintenance, and tracking of bots, data/error logs, infrastructure, and other resources. Bot/process-specific checklists help to troubleshoot any errors/exceptions. Logging and tracking issues helps to direct and accelerate any unsought events and concerns on time to the dedicated team and stakeholders for further handling. Our inline and extended team of RPA developers ensure that the issues are fixed in the quickest time possible.