Time tested and proven expertise in evaluating, designing, and developing test automation frameworks using off-the-shelf and open-source tools for your continuous end to end testing needs. 

Software testing  is getting more complicated by the day. User interfaces are getting richer and complex, development cycles are shrinking, and architecture complexity is increasing. Amidst all these constraints, the timeline needed to assure the quality of the system is shrinking. All these factors necessitate the employment of automation enabled test strategy that will satisfy these constraints and fulfil the required quality objectives.

Cybage has been at the forefront when it comes to utilizing test automation services for its discerning clientele who have varied automation requirements. We have also developed our own state-of-the-art test automation accelerators that are reusable across projects with features such as scheduling, monitoring, low-code/codeless scripting, grid-based parallel execution, recovery scenarios, and comprehensive reporting.

3T Focus



  • Faster test design to test integration
  • Shift left & right involvement
  • Agile test pyramid coverage



  • Cross functional experts
  • Effective collaborators
  • Domain and non-functional understanding veterans



  • Intelligent testing with self-healing
  • Loosely coupled with high reusability
  • Continuous feedback mechanism

Our Approach


  • UI automation (desktop, mobile & OTT devices)
  • Microservices, APIs, Messaging layers and backend automation
  • Continuous and scaled automation for end to end coverage

Automation frameworks

Experience in designing and implementing test automation frameworks including low code, custom, hybrid, data-driven, keyword-driven, BDD, TDD/ATDD, modular, and descriptive.

Technology expertise

Implementing custom automation harness and utilities in various languages such as C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, and Python.

Commercial and open source tools

  • Proven expertise in industry’s leading testing tools such as Cypress.io, Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Ranorex, Tosca, IBM Rational Robot, TestComplete, Silk Test, Katalon, ReadyAPI, SOATest, etc. 
  • Strong capabilities in emerging open-source testing tools such as Selenium, TestNG, Katalon, Robot, BDD (Cucumber, RSpec, SpecFlow), JavaScript testing (Webdriverio, WebdriverJS, Jasmine, Mocha, Karma, Protractor), etc.

Mobile automation

Extensive skills in mobile test automation using both licensed and open-source solutions such as Robotium, Appium, Calabash, MonkeyTalk, etc. These are enabled with cloud services such as AWS Device Farm, BrowserStack, SauceLabs, etc.

Continuous Integrations

Expertise in integration of test automation with continuous integration (CI) tools (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity, etc.), docker containers. 


  • To jump start automation
  • Summary reports with drill down details
  • Parallel execution with CI-CD integration