The rapidly evolving omnichannel multiplatform application landscape and the lack of universal standards, tools, and matured segment-specific practices have made testing face a new level of challenges.

Mobile app testing services has rapidly assumed a highly specialized quality assurance (QA) flavor given the rapid proliferation of devices, device platforms, mobility standards, and the logarithmic adoption of mobile solutions for a variety of enterprise and consumer applications. 

Cybage understands the unique testing needs of the emerging mobile solutions segment. We capitalize on our extensive QA expertise to provide highly mature testing offerings in the connected world that cover all key facets of functional and non-functional testing.


Our Expertise


Functional Testing

  • Mobile: native, hybrid
  • OTT
  • IoT


Non-Functional Testing


Architectural Services

  • Test assessment
  • Designing test strategy
  • Framework evaluation, design and implementations


Our Capability


Our dedicated devices test automation specialists concentrate on identifying, enhancing, and applying device-focused emerging automation tools and best practices. This helps meet the ever-changing requirements of mobility automation testing across all mobile platforms.


Dedicated mobile testing QA team

The mobility QA team comprises dedicated mobile QA architects and test specialists derived from various solution verticals and QA specialization backgrounds (Automation/Usability/ Manual).


Comprehensive mobile testing QMS

This specialized and purpose-engineered Mobility Testing Quality Management System is built on top of Cybage’s testing maturity model. It provides the core framework of test strategies, procedures, guidelines, test tooling, and test life cycle accelerators to enable application of highly matured test principles while maintaining the agility needed for short-turnaround mobile implementations.


Comprehensive device bank

A comprehensive mobile, OTT device bank comprising relevant legacy devices, contemporary and recent consumer devices, and a host of vertical devices enables the test team to execute full-cycle, on-device testing, and validation.


Mobility test lab

A rich test lab of pre-configured Mac machines, instrumentation toolset, automation tools, WAP gateway, SMS gateway, IVR gateway, TPP payment processor, mobile web deployment infrastructure, media and content servers, WiFi hot spots, NFC readers, device simulators, performance testing tools, custom test wrench development frameworks, and general QA tools provide anytime access to a full-blown multi-tenant–managed test harness. These are enabled with testing over third-party virtual device test labs as well.


Mobile and OTT test automation

A dedicated group of specialists concentrate on identifying, enhancing, and applying traditional and mobile-focused emerging automation tools and best practices to meet the unique requirements of mobility automation testing. Cybage’s specialist group includes dedicated automation test architects with implementation specialization that covers all major flavors of testing, across all mobile platforms and includes both functional and performance testing specialization.