Life at Cybage

Ex-Cybagians and long-term work

An environment of transparency, a data-driven and structured approach, and value for talent is responsible for bringing former Cybagians back, thus ensuring long-term employee retention.

Employee health

A doctor is present on the premises at regular intervals. Special counseling sessions are conducted by the Head of HR. These ingenuities contribute towards maintaining an overall positive mental and physical health of the employees. Special Human Resource initiatives are undertaken to gauge the needs and concerns of the employees.

Equal opportunity and respect to all

All employees are valued, respected, and treated equally as a vital part of Cybage’s vibrant work culture.

Capability appreciation

Capability weighs more than experience—this is a belief prevalent in Cybage. It is through this belief that every talented and capable employee is duly acknowledged and appreciated through genuine support and encouragement to grow.

Home-grown talent

The employees and their skills are nurtured and enhanced with complete support, through various training programs, workshops, and sessions with the leadership and managers. The management continually endeavors to ensure that all Cybagians are given an ecosystem in which they can flourish to the best of their abilities.

Festivals at Cybage

Cybage’s vibrant work culture is visible through the enthusiastic celebration of every festival in the calendar.

The Cybage mantra

The Cybage mantra reiterates the ethics of an open-door policy, ease of access to seniors, strong mutual encouragement and support, and complete freedom of speech and feedback. The objective is always to achieve quality work and consistent productivity, by focusing on the employees’ happiness and contentment.