Begin your Generative AI journey with our foremost CoE

The evolution of Gen AI and its rapid penetration into a diverse business ecosystem across industry verticals is far from just another tech hype cycle. Gen AI can unlock operational efficiencies and revenue generating opportunities.

In our research and development initiatives, we are actively testing the potential of Gen AI in multiple use cases across industries. We see the massive potential that LLMs have in changing today's products, workflows, and business processes.

Peek into Cybage’s active industry projects and progressive research ecosystem manifested through a dedicated Gen AI Center of Excellence (CoE). This CoE is custom crafted to bring the disruptive power of Gen AI to some real-life business advantages. As we research incrementally, we continue to come closer to our 250+ global customers, helping them make more sense out of this disruption in their digital transformation journey.

Combined with our current strengths in Product Engineering, Data Engineering, Platform experience, etc., our Gen AI experts partner with full stack engineering teams to build well crafted, customized, and appropriate Gen AI solutions.




Infographic Gen AI




Cybage believes in crafted custom solutions with a best of breed approach for current tooling available; we do not advocate / brand reusable components given the fast-pace of the field and unique client needs.


Improve Enterprise knowledge management

  • Better manage and retrieve enterprise data.
  • Create agents powering departments such as training, onboarding, support, development etc. to realize efficiency gains from Generative AI.

Create task specific Generative AI agents

  • Build generative Al agents for specific tasks such as extracting insights / entities from unstructured data, making sense of large scale text, reviews, sentiments, etc.
  • Also use LLMs to generate contextual content for your enterprise instead of generic content through the use of ChatGPT.

Experiment with making Generative AI agents actionable to create end to end workflows

  • Push the boundaries by triggering actions and workflows by Gen Al agents including querying structured data, taking actions on products customizing end to end workflows etc.
  • Experiment with Generative AI features in your product/ offering base to unlock customer value.