Automotive Retail Platforms and Solutions


Dealerships today do not want to lose any opportunity to fulfilling customer demands, be it through their internal systems/processes or through outward customer facing scenarios/environment. Flexibility and adaptability are the key factors as far as critical business drivers of the automotive retail businesses are concerned. And even though it may be running traditionally when it comes to their business models, the automotive technology solutions business is definitely not lagging behind in realizing the value of data, its efficient use, or processing it to provide comprehensive as well as competitive solutions. As buyers are becoming more and more demanding of the whole buyer experience and businesses are growing rapidly, dealership requirements have become all-encompassing, From automotive CRM solutions, sales, inventory management, servicing, and marketing to API management. And at the epicenter of this is the ‘Customer’, the main driver of these requirements. Also, AI and data science by being such an integral part of our lives though smart applications, are driving automotive retail to realize its potential to create an engaging and influencing customer buying/servicing experience. Cybage’s experience spans working with global leaders in developing modern dealership management and dealer software solutions that cover multiple geographies and businesses (Retail, Commercial, and Rentals) as well as front-end and back-end solutions.


Sales Enablement Solutions

  • End-to-end CRM Solutions 
  • Deal Desking and Cost Calculations 
  • Rental Vehicle Booking and Management 
  • Contracting 
  • Collateral Management and Titling Solutions

Inventory Management

  • Merchandising and Listings  
  • Pricing
  • Reporting

Finance and Insurance 

  • Accounting and Invoicing 
  • Billing Solutions 
  • Payment Integrations  

Fixed Operations

  • Parts/Services Inspection Solutions
  • Shop Optimization
  • Tracking and Monitoring Solutions  

Business Improvement Functions

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Retail API Management