Voice of the customer (VoC) solutions are becoming an integral part of enterprises providing useful insights into their customer mindsets all the while leveraging new age hi-tech technologies like AI and ML. We at Cybage come with a wide range experience of this industry while closely working with leading customer experience (CX) and Market Research technology companies across the world. Our knowledge resonates with the enterprise need for CX as we have engineered products that thrive to capture customer feedback most innovatively, and deliver them accurately through valuable Insights, Analytics, and Visualizations.

We at Cybage have a wide-ranging experience of this industry and work closely with different customer experience (CX) technology solution providers across the globe

By bringing in the power of AI, intelligent automation, custom workflows, and omni-channel engagement, we help our clients to engineer and optimize their customer experience management softwares which in-turn help them deliver a robust, extensive and personalized experience to end customers across diverse industry portfolios.

Enterprises are always on the lookout for valuable customer insights that provide a plausible direction to their product/service management and the right VOC solution that is engaging, customizable, and adaptable. We build custom solutions for 

Survey Design and Data Collection

  • Survey Design and Development with important CX metrics [Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS)]
  • Survey Dispatch and Data Collection across High-impact Touchpoints (social media, emails, SMS, in-store devices, mobile, mystery shopping etc.)
  • Engaging and conversational feedback collection using Intelligent Survey Bots
  • Supporting Customer and Panel-based Surveys

Data Analytics, Transformation and Visualization

  • Open-ended Response Management using Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Data Management and Mining for Data Science 
  • Business Intelligence Solutions that incorporate Survey Data Categorization, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Insightful and Actionable Dashboards providing intelligence at fingertips 

Feedback Management and Support

  • Post-survey Case/Action Management Solutions
  • Interactive Customer Collaboration/Communication Platforms
  • Customized CX Workflow Management Engines
  • Enabling Wide-scale Integration for Social Media, Workflow solutions and Ticket Systems, CRM, and more
  • Multi-language Support for all CX applications