Digital Transformation has now grown to include highly intelligent and sophisticated technologies that are based on either cloud, premise, or hybrid architectures. The world of Digital Security also needs to keep up with cutting-edge digital security solutions to adapt to the way businesses are built and enterprises function. As the digital footprint expands, forming our own online identities, the need for securing these identities has become more crucial than ever. Enterprises today are significantly investing in security solutions that holistically and comprehensively cover their identities, assets, and technologies be it over Cloud, on premises, across devices, or applications.



We define Digital Security as an all-encompassing term that includes the tools you can use to secure your identity, assets, and technology in the online and mobile world. Our solutions landscape covers various dimensions of the industry namely:

End-point Management:

  •   Policy and patch
  •  Inventory and asset
  •  Workflow and incident
  •  Remote desktop
  •  Software packaging and distribution
  •  Provisioning and personality migration
  •  Asset monitoring and metering

End-point Protection

  •  Data loss prevention
  •  Compliance and Data Center Security (HIPAA, CIS, PCI-DSS, COBIT, GDPR)
  •  Data encryption

Threat Intelligence

  •   User behavior analytics
  •   Reputation
  •   Emulation
  •   Antivirus

 Biometrics and identity—capture, manage, distribute, and store

  •   Identity storage and standards
  •   Data management and distribution
  •   Privilege identity management

Enterprise App Assessment

  •  Vulnerability assessment and penetration test for enterprise applications
  •  OWASP Top 10 to 50
  •  Tool-based strategy and test cycles

Firewall Management

  •  Network security
  •  Near Realtime reporting and advanced analytics
  •  Performance and mock-testing using advanced performance tools

Cloud Security

  •   Cloud Workload Protection
  •   Cloud Access Security