Social & collaboration platforms have completely transformed how we communicate, innovate and collaborate. Organizations now showcase their brand value and culture by effectively positioning themselves on various social platforms or harness the power of collaboration and networking to grow their businesses. Social media, along with rooted agile principles and practices, has also become a key driver in software product innovation and helps to deliver in dynamic settings and evolving parameters, i.e. creating social platforms that cater to specific use cases of sharing ideas, division of effort, and group-wide accountability.

As the world becomes smaller and more connected,cloud-based collaboration tools have made working together, irrespective of one’s geographical location, a seamless experience. Cybage has a distinguished track record of helping companies realize their potential for innovation and actualize their vision. This is achieved by building cutting-edge technology platforms that enhance communication and collaboration, providing intuitive experience by leveraging data and power of AI and Machine Learning.



Ideation and Community Platforms

SaaS-based platforms are designed for people with common interests, experiences, and meaningful connections to come together and build a community for sharing ideas that foster innovation. Although these platforms offer a tech-led channel for engagement, the innovation allows enterprises to customize user experience, track goals, and monetize on the success of a program


Social Innovations

By using state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning modeling, and image recognition, we develop social collaboration platforms to maximize business performance, drive engagement, and track short-term/long-term benefits.


Collaboration Platforms

We develop platforms that facilitate person-to-person communication and collaboration. Collaboration can have many drivers. These include task planning and management, tracking system changes, information management, facilitating discussions, etc., all of which are executed in the most transparent and engaging manner.