As technology and innovation grow simultaneously and fill crucial value gaps, they contribute to a rapidly expanding industry of software tool development and platforms.

These technology enablers come with specialized value propositions through robust platforms that enable an enterprise to upgrade technology, facilitate technological transition, and support the post-transition and maintenance operations. This categorizes them as “Software Engineering Tools and Platforms”. These are the tools and platforms that accelerate technology transformations, management, and growth. They are the change agents to accelerate technology transformation of any organization and streamline software data management.

Software Tools and Platforms – What they are and what they do

Software tools are programs that are used for the development, repair, or enhancement of other programs or of hardware.

Software platforms enable enterprises to create networked applications that cater to the enterprise’s multiple business requirements by providing the necessary software, hardware, and other coordinating programs.



Integration PaaS/Tools

Whether they are platforms that collect, track, and provide modern visibility of data and assets, or platforms that allow enterprises to effectively leverage their web services in terms of accessibility, management or monetization, these platforms more or less facilitate enterprises to come together to grow and manage their businesses.
The following technologies outline key Software Development capabilities that we categorize under this line of business:

  • API Management : API creation, productization, management, monitoring and advanced reporting of APIs for a wide range of businesses. By building robust integration platforms/tools and data exchange across complex architectures, we empower your business.
  • Data integration : Building robust integration platforms/tools for facilitating data exchanges across complex architectures to empower businesses.

Management, Orchestrations and Monitoring (MOM)

With enterprises evolving and transforming in terms of complex cloud-based architectures, there is a pressing need for IT transformation platforms and an urgent call for effective cloud management, workflow management, infrastructure automation, and monitoring. These platforms are the vital pillars of engineering that are highly relevant to modern organizations.


IT transformation is never complete without the right strategy and tools. Be it lift and shift migrations, application refactoring, or migration.