Channels welcome Make in India

– DQ Channels


Even before the Prime Minister called for the businesses to adopt Make in India, DQ Channels had begun asking the channel community whether this would be a viable option for the IT sector.

In his first meeting recently with the Union Ministers after announcing the 21 days lockdown period, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the Cabinet Ministers to devise strategies to fight the Corona virus on a war footing. He suggested that this was a moment to take the Make in India initiative of the government further and reduce dependence on imported products.

In a separate interaction by the DQ Channels with the IT Channel partners, the partners expressed solidarity with the PM Modi’s suggestion in the context of the IT products.

It is well known that the Indian IT products market is almost entirely dependent upon imports, mostly from China and transfer of technology from the Western countries, from where the IT vendor companies get the products manufactured in China and export to India. Because of this, during Corona virus breakout, the imports from China and other countries has completely stopped, leading to a crisis in the IT products market. With the workforce across the sectors working from home, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for the IT products. In the initial phases, the Channel community met this sharp rise by selling off their stocks and by tying up with each other to keep the supplies running. However, with no imports coming during the lockdown and because of the manufacturing units shutting down in China, the channel community has faced a crisis in meeting the demand, as there are virtually no imports coming in.


At this moment, the PM’s stress on Make in India has come as a welcome note for the IT Channel community. CMDA and PCAIT, two major Channel associations in Delhi gave positive responses to this suggestion. They emphasized that the industrial houses, the finance sector and the people of India should act upon this suggestion and make it happen, as action is needed at this moment. Make in India is the future of India.

“The turn of globalisation has seen the IT sector play a key role in the economic growth and development of India. The Make in India Programme for the IT and digital sector garnered much needed attention to prosper further and increase its contribution to country’s GDP. The Indian IT outsourcing market comprised of 56% of the market share after the Make in India initiatives for its cost competitiveness and high-quality services.” — Suchitra Pritesh, Group Head, Marketing, Cybage Software.

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