Cybage Software breaks stereotypes in the IT industry



Cybage Software, a global, technology consulting, and professional services organization, has been recognized by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) for ‘Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion’ at the NASSCOM Corporate Awards 2019. A ‘Special Mention’ bestowed by the Jury, under the Category of Gender Inclusion for Cybage’s commitment towards having a transparent environment with unbiased policies and capability-driven ecosystem.

At Cybage, the belief of having an inclusive workspace begins at the top from its leadership and flows across every department of the organization. Inclusion and diversity are at the core of the organization - a source that drives innovation, creativity and competitive advantage. Additionally, Cybage appreciated the value of data-science early in its existence – helping form a synergy of astute and informed decisions.

DecisionsMinesTM, a proprietary product by Cybage leverages Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to develop rigorous evidence-based talent management strategies to drive operational goals. The use of a scientific, data-driven, digital decision-making platform helps to look beyond gender, age, race, background and hierarchy; recognizing each employee and embracing their differences as strengths.

Elston Pimenta, Head – HR, Cybage Software exclaimed, “We are thrilled to receive a prestigious recognition by NASSCOM that highlights our efforts in creating a successful professional workspace, an organization that has data-science ingrained in its DNA. It is an unwavering commitment actioned by the organization and its employees every single day to grow and thrive balance together. Cybage stands proud to narrate how diversity has encouraged professionals to bring unique perspective and skills to the table, leading to innovation and growth.”

As of 2019, Cybage has 6,200+ employees spread across the globe, of which of 87.8% are Millennials and 1.5% are GenZers. The women representation has been at a 32% of the total workforce, a number that the organization continues to grow every year, despite female engineering graduates being only 29% in India.

The company consistently invests in skilling and training programs to stay relevant with current trends and promote holistic development of an individual.

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