Cybage’s ExcelShore, wins acclaim at BAM Awards

— DQINDIA Online

ExcelShore, Cybage's data science-driven IT system, won the Best Management Product recognition at the BAM Awards 2017. The event was hosted by The Indian Brand Convention in New Delhi. The award is based on key parameters such as the company's capability of delivering a measurable ROI to its clients, strategic decision making, and a sophisticated data-driven IT system.

ExcelShore is Cybage's key differentiator. It is a time-tested data science platform built over a decade of research. This platform is focused on operationalizing the analytics and making them more consumable. ExcelShore, which is ingrained in the DNA of the organization, forms the basis for all decision making, whether strategic or tactical.

Cybage is set to launch an enhanced version of ExcelShore that will help organizations embed the decision-making power of data and algorithms into their business workflows.