"DecisionMines Can Help Companies Leverage Data to Remove Bias from Human Decision-Making." - Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage

— DynamicCIO


  • A total of $20 million invested for creating DecisionMines
  • It helps companies take more informed decisions based on data
  • A scientific, data-driven framework that leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to help organisations uncover the value hidden beneath massive layers of data.
  • It empowers business leaders to make informed decisions by synthesising the Art of Judgment and the Science of Data.

There is a sudden deluge of data due to the emergence of technologies, which are better equipped at generating and collecting data. However, the mere existence of data does not add any business value. To leverage the data, organisations need tools of aggregation as well as analysis, so that the insights can be extracted and shared with the stakeholders and customers for better business outcomes. Pune-based Cybage Software is doing just that. It is helping customers with digital transformation. The technology consulting firm specialises in product engineering services.

“We have always looked at automation and optimisation as our core,” says Jagat Pal Singh, who has been the company’s Chief Technology Officer for two decades and leads a team of technology and delivery experts building and deploying integrated business solutions for its customers.

The company’s proprietary software solution DecisionMines is focused on modern technologies and is enabled by scientifically data-driven system for digital excellence. It was initially used internally for several years. The prescriptive as well as predictive analytics suite was a data mining tool. Now, it is one of the major offerings from the company and helping other companies in digitally transforming themselves. According to the CTO, the tool is quite effective in removing biases from subjective decision-making involving human intervention.

Talking about the use cases, Singh says that the tool can be effective in removing biases from human decision making in several situations. For example, he talks about how DecisionMines can be used for employee appraisal that is objective and measures and rewards the real contribution of every employee. Singh believes that the generally followed procedure for employee appraisals is quite subjective and depends heavily on the personal traits of the managers.

“For past couple of years, a few of the big IT companies have already moved away from the previously followed “Bell Curve” for employee performance assessment such as Infosys, HCL, Cognizant, and TCS. We moved away from the Bell Curve in 2006. We understand that each manager has a different personality and style of functioning. We can’t expect them to reach a conclusion, which is fair to everyone. There will be bias, whether favourable or unfavourable. Therefore, we have our own mathematical model through which we arrive at the value of an employee based on the job function and capability of the person. There was a need for an accurate mathematical model,” says Singh.

Leveraging Data for Digital Transformation at Cybage Software

According to Singh, the company’s own digital transformation journey started around 2003–04, when it was in an expansion mode. The employee strength started growing rapidly. They realised the need for better systems in place. That journey has now intensified and has particularly picked up pace in the last three to four years.

“Initially, we had two to three systems from outside such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. We felt that with all the disparate systems we were not able to do what we wanted. As a result of which, we started looking at becoming self-reliant and looked at building our own systems. We built our own ERP. From project management to client marketing, all these are our own systems. We have always looked at not only automation but also optimisation in the real sense and how to leverage the data from across all systems. In the past six to seven years, we have come to realise that there is so much of data which can be analysed and used for better business outcomes. Once you start capturing data and process it, that is when you realise what more can you do with it,” adds Singh.

According to the him, constant upgrade and modification of systems is necessary to carry on the digital transformation project. That is the reason even mathematically accurate tools like DecisionMines are constantly being improved upon and refined.

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