Here is how these companies are changing the face of work culture, employee engagement

— Zee Business


Work atmosphere plays a crucial role in determining the overall productivity of the firm.

Startups take unconventional approaches and marketing stints that help them strengthen their roots in the market. Apart from this, the factor of open work culture and exciting employee engagement determines whether the startup will be able to withstand the stiff competition that prevails in the market. Work atmosphere places a crucial role in determining the overall productivity of the firm. Keeping in mind of creating an atmosphere that yields bountiful, several startups have not only surpassed the criterion on salary but also engage in offering exciting packages to their employees. This also aids the startup to determine top talent among the employees, by which they can acquire as well retain the employees. All in all, these companies are creating a holistic and well-rounded experience for their employees.

One of those companies is Cybage. IT is a field that probably has the lowest women talents, especially in development. This prevalent scenario makes the environment a bit non-conducive for them as a majority of policies become male-centric in IT organizations by default. However, Cybage is changing this status quo by having a transparent ecosystem with unbiased policies and capability-driven ecosystem. The company has 32% female representation, a number that the organization continues to grow every year, despite female engineering graduates only being 29%. Understanding unique requirements of female employees, Cybage also offers close-by daycare facilities, late-night transport services, flexible maternity leave policies, and provisions of additional shadow resources.

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