Q&A with Arun Nathani

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Q & A feedback from Arun Nathani, CEO of Cybage, INDIA reveals the company’s OPD strength and strategic growth plans worldwide

What are your major services?
Our major service areas include Software Product Engineering Services, Custom Software Development, Software Re-Engineering, Sustained Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Technical Documentation, and User Interface Design. 

The domains you cater to worldwide
We have robust domain expertise in BFSI, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, Retail, Security, Healthcare, Internet Advertising, E-Commerce, and Utilities.

Your major strength and area of specialization ?
Our major strength is in the Outsourced Product Development (OPD) space, catering by and large to the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) globally for their Product Engineering needs. We leverage our strong technology backbone to provide them software services across their business value chain.

Your expertise in offering Offshore Product Development services for global ISVs.?
Our expertise lies in our operational excellence, which we have mastered over the years in the dynamic software industry. It not only enhances the ROI of our customers, but also imbibes best practice approach into their business processes. Leveraging our operational excellence, we have carved out our unique and robust delivery models, which directly impact our customers’ time-to-market priorities and the business bottom line.

Your current spread and growth plans both in US and India ?
In the US, Cybage has a development center in Redmond and a client relationship office in New York. We will open our second relationship management office in San Francisco, Silicon Valley by the turn of this year. In India, Cybage is spread over five state-of-the-art development centers, three in Pune, one in Hyderabad and one in Gandhinagar (Gujarat). In Pune, a 5000-seater campus is underway.

Specific near shore/onsite support offered for your clients overseas?
Our Redmond center in the US is crucial for regular onsite interactions with clients and for boosting our growth initiatives further. Our client relationship office in New York plays a key role in performing dedicated account management.

Your global clients?
Our clients include Microsoft, Symantec, Electronic Arts, SAP, DoubleClick, Lexis Nexis, and HSBC, to name a few. Today, we service more than 115 clients across four continents. 80% of our business comes from North America and the rest from Europe and Asia Pacific..

List of International certifications granted ?
Being an SEI-CMMI Level 5 company with ISO 27001 certification, we stand to gain a lot of credibility in the market. Cybage was selected in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). We are in the Top 20 Best Employer ranking according to a Dataquest-IDC survey, 2007.

What is your strategy for growth?
Over the years we have grown on our strengths organically. The high growth at Cybage is because we spend most of our resources in servicing our customer, thereby delivering a strong value-proposition. Our growth in the last decade has come through good references and by maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers. We are proud to call ourselves ‘a small big company,’ which means that we have the flexibility and fast decision-making qualities of a small company and maturity and branding of a big company.

How important are SLAs in your firm's relationship with your clients and how much are you engaged in a client's outsourcing plan?
Cybage is a virtual extension of a client’s engineering team. As a result, during the entire project execution we work very closely with our clients in helping them realize their objectives behind outsourcing. We do have structured SLAs in place however; we feel that the important factor for a successful relationship is that an offshore services provider should know the dynamics of the software business. Cybage models of operational excellence are built on those dynamics and hence deliver value at each stage of client’s outsourcing plans.

Your evolving global delivery model…an outline?
Cybage has always built successful delivery models leveraging its core of operational excellence. Some of our large customer accounts are powered by a global delivery framework. We intend to replicate such successes to several other demanding projects at Cybage. Our core of operational excellence shall reflect in all such global deliveries since that has always enabled us to contribute to our clients’ victory in the market place.

How do you plan to position yourself in the OPD space in Asia Pacific over the next five years?
We intend to grow our relationships further in the Asia Pacific region. Globally, our value proposition shall remain our operational excellence, which holds business value and helps clients realize their objectives transparently and efficiently. 

Advantages of being located in India
India’s market maturity and the availability of technological resources, including skilled manpower, enable us to provide cost-effective software services for our customers globally.

When India is leveraging its strength and location to become a global outsourcing hub, how does Cybage plan to evolve itself in the new and globally competitive environment?
Cybage has a firm presence in India and it is a well-known Indian company in the global IT industry. We plan to move further up in the services value chain to a consulting-led approach, which would enable us to enrich our industry focus to offer robust end-to-end business solutions. India is a matured services destination and holds significant capabilities to enable Cybage to move up in the value chain.