Training is a Key to Success For Any Organization, But it Can’t be The Goal

— Dataquest Online

The highly dynamic industry environment today demands organizations to invest in re-skilling their employees to remain competitive.

Change in technology has been significantly higher in the last decade compared to earlier. India is home to more than 400 million millennials, an era wherein the world around is pacing swiftly with a negligible margin for pausing. Each day is marked with a breathtaking innovation that progresses towards constant modification. To keep up the stride, the organizations are training their employees to upskill at every prospect. They are banking upon a balanced combination of observing, balancing and practising. Gen Y prefers engaging and interactive methods of learning as they grasp opportunities and imbibe learnings in a flash. Taking a cue from this, the companies are organizing experiential training like Q&A sessions, demonstrations, surveys, case studies and likewise to engage the employee. On-the-job training enhances strategic thinking and interpersonal skills through transparent means. Web-based training programs are also gaining popularity which includes various methods like webinars, video conferencing, audio conferencing and many more. 

“Technology upskilling has been part of IT always but today when we speak of upskilling it’s not just technology upskilling but the way, how a technology worker thinks has to change. In addition, upskilling is not only for the workforce who produces but even for those who take it to the consumer.  Rapid digitalization has changed consumer acquisition and retention patterns,” said Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage. Read full story here