The Youth Connect – Cybage Software

— Indian Express

The IT workforce in the city is only getting younger. Not only are a majority of IT employees around 25 years of age, but firms now increasingly have young faces in the top management. 

The companies in fact say that this shows that the people have 'swiftly' risen up the corporate ladder. They are also trying to bring on-board young people through campus recruitment for diversity in the work culture. Abhay Patil, vice president, talent management, Harbinger group says, "Through campus recruitment we recruit fresh graduates and post graduates from colleges. The young developers get a chance to interact with customers, try new ideas and climb the leadership ladder far quicker than in conventional IT companies." 

Harbinger group boasts of at least two young faces in the top management. Twenty-nine-year-old, Shweta Kulkarni, general manager product operations, Harbinger, rose quickly in the company to the top post after joining as a trainee in 2004. After a stint in the services sector earlier, she joined the products sector as an engineering manager and early this year took charge of operations in India. Also 30-year-old Poonam Jaypuriya, senior general manager, product management, Harbinger, leads innovation initiatives in the company after just seven years in the company. 

Elston Pimenta, head HR, Cybage software, says that young recruits get an opportunity to show their potential in the company from first day itself. " The company encourages younger people. We tell the new people who join us that they will be directly working on live projects after training instead of being kept on the bench," he said. Pimenta added that the company has young people at the key strategic positions, who are less than 35-years of age, like Amit Gajwani, senior vice president business development and Vikas Kumar Verma, vice president emerging technologies, who steer the company `` on the path of growth." 

Most of the companies have majority of employees below 30-years of age with some having the average age of even 28-years . At Harbinger the average age employee age is 29.5 years, at Zensar the average age of the employees is between 27-30, at Cybage the age is 28-years and at Persistent Systems it is 29.21 years. 

Global Head HR, Zensar technologies, Yogesh Patgaonkar, said that not only are young employees joining the company, but it has even set up an executive board comprising of young employees , which constantly engages with management team to devise growth strategies and policies. In the recent annual report, Persistent notes that, ' youth and dynamism reigns supreme in the company's workforce.' It adds that 'the company is highly sought after by young IT graduates and post graduates.' Persistent has recruited over 1,000 young persons during the financial year 2011-12 through campus recruitments.