CybageAsha lights up the lives of the visually impaired

December 14, 2013  

In yet another sincere effort for the needy, CybageAsha presented a Braille version of Class X English Digest to the Jagriti School for Blind Girls at Markal Road, Alandi. In an event organized in the school campus on 14thDecember, 2013, Mrs. Ritu Nathani, Director, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. unveiled the book. On this occasion, Mrs. Sakina Bedi, Adviser, Jagriti School for Blind Girls, felicitated CybageAsha volunteers for their whole-hearted contribution to this noble cause. 

As part of the ambitious, four-month-long venture, around 16 CybageAsha volunteers worked hard despite their hectic schedules to convert the 256-page book into a soft copy. Later, the school authorities converted this soft copy into a Braille format, and printed the digest. These specially-produced Braille books are expected to help improve the education of visually-impaired students, who cannot access quality school education due to a lack of adequate study material. The Braille book is an attempt to help prepare students to clear their SSC exams. 
While releasing the book, Mrs. Nathani, said, "The conversion of this book into a Braille version is our small effort towards promoting literacy among the visually impaired. It’s amazing to see how the advanced technology has enhanced the scope to make knowledge accessible to people with special needs, an appropriate use of which will only help them overcome their limitations and shape their future better." She added, "I congratulate each CybageAsha volunteer for stepping forward and extending support to Jagriti School." 
Speaking about the lack of quality education material for visually-impaired students of Class I to X, Mrs. Bedi said, "The only accessible study materials available in Braille are the textbooks. Digests, self-study books, and workbooks have never been produced in Braille. The NFBM Braille publishing center is the first to create this material in Braille for the students of Classes IX and X. This has been possible only due to the efforts taken by the CybageAsha volunteers, who have given their valuable time and converted the hard copies of this book into soft copies." 

About CybageAsha 
CybageAsha and Cybage Khushboo, are CSR arms of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. 
CybageAsha was established in October 2003 to fulfill the responsibility of Cybage towards constructive development of the society. Through its four important initiatives, namely, rural upliftment, alcohol de-addiction, social welfare, and go-green, CybageAsha aims at the betterment of the less fortunate. From adopting a village and conducting various infrastructural, educational, and development programs, to providing free medication and counseling facilities to alcohol addicts in slums and creating awareness on environmental issues, the Trust has always made its presence felt. Moreover, CybageAsha collaborates with various NGOs and social service organizations to enhance its beneficiary base and spread smiles. 

About Jagriti School for Blind Girls 
The National Federation of the Blind, Maharashtra (NFBM) started Jagriti School for Blind Girls on 4th January, 1989. The school is situated at Alandi Devachi, near Pune. At present, it houses 147 visually impaired girls and most of them are from the rural areas of Pune, Khandesh, Marathwada, and Vidarbha. This school is residential in nature and the facilities—lodging, boarding, education, and medical assistance— are provided free-of-cost to the students. The expenses for the hostel and school premises, the school staff, bedding, and food, medical, and other miscellaneous are borne by NFBM.