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Experience – 6+ years

Roles & responsibilities: -

  • Customize the build process inside and out using MSBUILD (targets, transforms, parameters)
  • Configuring & customizing the CI/CD process, developing branch policies, build & release pipelines, advanced automation, fully automated cloud deployment solutions for (database projects, terraform projects, Kubernetes/containers, Azure Functions, etc.
  • Integrate static code analysis tools, and developing automated solutions that take DEVOPS to the take level
  • Manage build labs, optimize build performance, setup gated builds, develop branch policies, author build & release definitions in YAML, and develop intuitive packaging solutions


To be the right fit, you'll need:

  • 6+ Years. Azure DEVOPS Administration Experience
  • Experience in Advanced GIT Command line Syntax (merge, rebase, reset, etc.)
  • Ability to create fully automated solutions using MSBUILD Scripts, YAML, PowerShell, and C#
  • Strong debugging and investigative skills with the capability to investigate and resolve difficult build breaks and code merge issues in .NET code.
  • Wide knowledge of how to build various types of projects (C# Console Apps, .NET Core Apps, Node JS Projects, Java Code, Database Projects, SSIS ETL Projects, Docker Composure Project Builds, etc.)
  • Build Server management and Release Pipeline management at an enterprise scale.
  • Expertise managing complex multi-language repositories and branch structures.
  • Expert in the MS-Build Scripting Language and command line builds
  • Build & Release Configuration experience with Azure / Visual Studio Online
  • Development experience within the Visual Studio IDE and Eclipse
  • Ability to develop custom automation and packaging solutions for applications (database projects, Docker images, etc.)
  • Expertise developing automated CI/CD solutions in an enterprise environment.


Good to have:

  • Terra Form, Packer, Microsoft Infrastructure (Active Directory, Power Shell, SCOM, DNS), Kubernetes, Angular, Node JS
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